Top Benue Rapper Too Prince goes broke and begs for money

Too Prince you are having a very big Problem in your career - Tha Neutral reacts

One of the outstanding rappers from Benue State’s thriving music scene, Too Prince, has asked fans and the general public for financial support. It is typical for artists to face financial troubles; one approach to overcoming these obstacles is to ask for assistance from the public and followers.

Rapper and songwriter Too Prince is from Benue State. He has become well-known for his distinctive fusion of rap, Tiv, Hausa, Afrobeat and both fans and reviewers enjoy his music.

In a recent social media post, Too Prince asked for donations to sustain his music career and opened out about his troubles with his followers. He added that he has been having financial issues and that in order to continue recording songs, he needs the support of his fans.

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Even though it can be difficult for artists to request funding, it’s crucial to keep in mind that making music and art is a form of work that requires time, effort, and resources. One way to thank artists for their effort and originality is to support them by making donations, purchasing their music, or going to their performances.

In conclusion, Benue State is home to a number of outstanding musicians like Too Prince who depend on the patronage of their audience to keep making and disseminating music. Even though it can be challenging to request money, we can support these artists by making donations, purchasing their music and going to their performances. By doing this, we can contribute to ensuring the survival of our local music industry.

To send Money to Too Prince, here is his account details. Account number 8126230791 Account name: David Fanen Aker
Bank: Opay.

He posted this on Facebook.

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