Benue cypher The Issues ft Mavemindz x Koboko On The Track x Legendary i2 x Joe Waxy and Zeek

This is the Official lyrics for the trending song titled BENUE CYPHER – The Issues featuring Mavemindz, Koboko On The Track, Legendary i2, Joe Waxy & Zeek.



Police Brutality / I don’t know who’s the enemy? / the man on the floor or he who is handcuffing me / officer please I deserve to know what the problem is / I know I’m innocent so why u hitting me excessively / he said be careful how you talk to me / so Listen carefully, I’m the law and everything / I can charge you with anything / you say you murder beat, I consider that a felony / apparently you not a friend of me!

looking at the man in a uniform and I am scared / he ‘pose to be protecting me but if I trust him I’m dead / now I do not understand why they say “PolIce is your friend” / war against brutality let’s bring it to an end

I got my placard up it reads say no to this kinda shi*
are you joining me or you want the end of me / respectfully help me tell the world my friend is Killing me / Officer I must confess you not ‘pose to be scaring me

Let he without sin cast the first stone
But if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones
But still they are casting stones
rocks flying like drones
No love on the street its a warzone
Na you steal the meat but you come de judge who steal bone
Pointing fingers, pull the trigger heart black like charcoal
Judge not your fellow man leave it for God
You carry matter for your head you choose to shed blood and break the law
No respect for God and no regard for law
F*cking hypocrite
Live by the sword, die by the sword
Karma is on the way
What goes around comes around
But an eye for an eye can make the world go blind
I choose peace I can never preach violence
For souls lost to jungle justice a moment of silence
You carry tyre, buy fuel, light up the matches
Burn your fellow man to ashes
I swear you wicked…..

Legendary i2

See, I’m always on my grind
yeah i hustle for my own money
so funny i don’t even care about your own money
See i don’t need to get involved in a scam or some fraud just to get the life that I’m wishing for
Yeah i know we all got choices
what ever you should sort it
I’m honest to the core
You can find me where the trust is
G-boy? Nah
Mehn my hustle too legit
I work hard everyday so they can never tell me shit
They be like go hard or go home
I be like go hard in your zone nigga
no time for complain,
You got your own life in your hand nigga
You said u wanna be baller
And spend money in dollars
Get gold chains and fast cars
You don’t mind being a fraudster?
Be careful of what you wish for
A lot of them are into rituals
You wouldn’t know unless you join dem
It’s more better you avoid them
Just grind hard and make clean money
Never trust what you’ve seen only
Work steady don’t be lazy homie
Every day is a day to be ready homie stay blessed!

Joe Waxzy

I once knew a man with his beautiful spouse
They met in school and fell in love and started hanging out
The kind of love they shared was so special and so divine
Even without money and no job this couple always shine
Years later, the money came tho
They say money change people
That’s what they say tho
Less love, less trust and more ego
D sweet husband she got married to start acting evil
Started getting upset over little arguments
Unveiling his true character doesn’t matter the consequence
He Started the abuse following the devil’s footsteps
All the advices we give always fall on deaf ears

She try to scream but he choking her mouth
She cried for help but no one dares come out
Fist to the skull untill She started Bleeding out
D whisper of death echo she started. fading out

Dis monster don’t even know what he was doing
Fuel by his rage and anger he just keep on beating
He toke d part of no return until he broke her skull
Rush her to d hospital but she won’t respond

What a tragedy. He ended this innocent life
Oh my God (oh my God)
They wanna take his life
The brothers of the victim want their own pounds of flesh
The police tried to get to him
But no fuel in their car
The angry crowd outside strip the man naked
Burn him to ashes
We couldn’t even pick the remains
His beautiful wife gone
His legacy left to rotten
started having this nightmare because of what happened
Don’t try to stay in abusive relationship
That sh*t ain’t healthy tho
Try to speak out and walk out
Don’t be afraid to go
Domestic violence is a vicious disease
The only antidote is for you to pack up and leave


once had a talk with my lil nephew
so much there is to learn if we communicate with people
kid was 7, and halfway through elementary school
and PMB, yeah that’s the only president he knew
got me thinking
who made it mandatory that our leaders rule 8years, before they get their thieving asses out the rock huh?
you bring them in for a tenure, they do dirty, just send them off, but you no vote so you dey talk sey that na wash, huh?
as long as I remember, we’ve been praying change,
then go ahead to vote for logos and not the candidates.
this is your future not a sport to get you all entertained
and they don’t care about our lives, it is to them, just a game.
so think about the future when next you have to make a selection
the greater good at heart and not to take selfish decisions.
a moment of pleasure for a reign of torment and torture ?
like a pact with the devil, you’ll always end up in a dungeon.
it’s that time again, you’ll see them convoys visiting your villages
and till the next campaign, they will avoid you like you’re sewages
take all your resources, leaving you with no privileges
and living gets so hard you can’t survive with your little wages.
yet a lot of you would say, politics is just a mess
they gon’ have their way, regardless, so you’ll save yourself the stress
y’all just making it too easy for this darkness to excell
and I assure you, when e sub, the blood is also on your hands.
High time we show the whole world that Nigeria is ours
and we only vote for those who hold our interest at heart
not the ones who would approach our peaceful protests with arms
not the ones who’d save for the unborn and watch living starve
so I dare you to take a stand,
dare you to make a count,
urge you to think of people and not ur belly and mouth.
raise your fist to the sky
power is ur hands
united we could stand and wave bad leadership goodbye.
we’re all we need.



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