How I will promote Shopify

How I will promote Shopify

How I will promote Shopify to meet new customers worldwide.

Shopify is currently one of the biggest online stores world wide. They have customers from different works of life and I would like to commend the hard working team for a good job well done.

Shopify powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide and with my input that number would increase by 20 percent if I am approved as an affiliate marketer with Shopify.

How I will promote Shopify

I have a website which have a fan base of visitors daily and with this user’s, I would Introduce them to Shopify and since a lot of them believe in me, they would buy with my referral code. I have an Instagram page @Bonezworldng of over 2991 followers, a Twitter account (@Bonezworldng) of over 3000 followers and a Facebook page (Bonezworld) of over 3000 likes. I also have a Facebook group (Bonezworldng) of over 4000 members.

I will also carry out sponsored post on my Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote my Shopify link. I would share my referral link to my whatsapp contacts and my phone contacts. I will use my website email subscribers to also introduce and teach my users how to shop and use Spotify. I would be available to assist users who have questions in using the Shopify platform. With my experience as a blogger, Shopify would achieve even more than a 100 years plan. Thank you.

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