Rahbosky Biography

Ukor Desmond Terhile, an Afrobeat and Hip-Hop music artistes, is recognized professionally as Rahbosky. Originating from Nigeria, Rahbosky has chosen Benue State as his operational base, infusing his art with the essence of his roots. Born on November 30, his journey into the realm of music began with a precocious display of talent, indicating a profound connection with the art form since his early years.

Benue State, both his place of birth and current residence, plays a pivotal role in Rahbosky’s artistic narrative. It is within this dynamic environment that Rahbosky’s musical journey unfolded, fueled by an authentic and deep-seated love for creating music that connects conventional boundaries. His commitment to his craft is exemplified by the multitude of songs he has meticulously recorded, each serving as a show to his evolving talent and versatile artistic expression.

The pivotal year of 2023 witnessed Rahbosky’s rise within the competitive music industry, a rise triggered by the release of his song “Sham Pepe”. This musical masterpiece served as a turning point in his career, earning him significant recognition and acclaim. The track’s success not only solidified Rahbosky’s position as a formidable artist but also propelled him towards greater heights of success in the nearest future.

Rahbosky Biography

Beyond the beats and lyrical finesse that characterize Rahbosky’s musical persona lies a man of reserved and focused nature. In his pursuit of musical excellence, Rahbosky prioritizes his endeavors with unwavering dedication and commitment. This disciplined approach extends into his personal life, where he currently maintains a single status, steering clear of publicized relationships as he navigates the intricate nuances of fame and personal space.


  1. Ebalaba: This showcases Rahbosky’s ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary beats.
  2. Take It: A musical journey that invites listeners into Rahbosky’s world.
  3. Sham Pepe: The breakout track that etched Rahbosky’s name in the annals of the music industry, a perfect amalgamation.

As Rahbosky’s musical journey continues to evolve, he promises an exciting journey for both him as the artist and his audience.

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