Why I Left Music For Mass Communications – Korede Bello

Why I Left Music For Mass Communications – Korede Bello

Despite his fame and success, Korede Bello chose to go back to school and pursue a degree in Mass Communication. His decision is remarkable since he could have easily stayed in his fame and continued to produce hit songs.

In an interview with New Telegraph, Korede said that he chose to study Mass Communication because he believes news and music have a lot in common.

For anyone familiar with the entertainment industry, we know that it can be a mentally taxing profession. With all the pressures of performing and competing with peers, mental health struggles are common and Korede shared his experience with such struggles.

He talks about how he has managed to develop the mental strength to take on such pressures and make the best use of his talents.

He also talks about how his passion for music has never diminished even after he left his music career. He speaks about his love and admiration for music and how he manages to fit it into his current lifestyle.

Korede said:

“I love education, not so much traditional education, but I love to learn how the world works and how the human mind operates. So getting a degree in Mass Communication seemed congruent with my profession.

“Writing a headline is similar to writing a chorus. They both have to be catchy and evoke some emotional reaction. Music and news are both languages of emotional connection. So, it is a good thing to be educated on your passion. I have observed that you can be the most famous or richest person on earth and still be unhappy or unsatisfied on the inside.”

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