Tomga the talented artist taking a unique path

Tomga is one music artist that have been giving us good music since he broke out. He is on a very unique path to greatness.

The Benue Born talented artist with real name Peter Mtomga Abe has chosen a path to greatness where a lot of artist shy away from in the entertainment industry. Tomga is versatile, creative and a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

Tomga the talented artist taking a unique path

When you listen to Tomga’s song, you will understand that he passes a very strong message about drug abuse. This is not common in the Nigerian music industry filled with drug abuse and use of illicit drugs.

In music videos, you see talented artist abusing drugs which sends a very negative message to the society. These artist influence their fans which are dominated by young adults negatively. This is not painting a good picture.

Illicit drugs are openly promoted by top Nigerian artist. Drugs like cannabis, heroin and cocaine. In a supply and demand relationship, drug use and Nigerian music are related to one another.

Consider the following case: A young adolescent spends his entire time in the studio creating music. The shy teen is forced to perform the song in front of a 10,000 audience after it becomes a national hit.


He is afraid because he has never done this before. He starts to shiver, his arms start to shiver. His heart is beating, he has sweaty palms and his stomach is grumbling. Unexpectedly, a teammate offers him a medication to help him get rid of that sensation. His fear and worry dissipate like lightening as he swallows, feels it enter his stomach and feels supercharged and prepared to take on the audience and deliver the best performance. Welcome to the world of Nigerian music, where the use of hard drugs or illegal substances fosters innovation.

The Nigerian music business is plagued by a drug problem that is hardly ever acknowledged or addressed, from the recording process in studios throughout Nigeria through the fabrication of live events.

Musicians rely on these drugs for inspiration and stress relief; industry professionals unlawfully facilitate the supply and there is a thriving black market that makes obtaining any drug as simple as placing an order at a roadside Buka. You make a request, send your payment and it is delivered to you right away.

Many creative people would rather utilize drugs than pursue alternative types of therapy. It is simple to utilize and does not require additional session fees. Additionally, it offers immediate relief from the pressures of making music, selling it, interacting with fans and dealing with middlemen.

Another justification for drug use by Nigerian artists is performance enhancement. Drugs give well-known performers who travel extensively for gigs an artificial energy boost that they may use to create live performances and cope with tiredness. A lot of musicians utilize cocaine. Cocaine appear to increase confidence in tiny doses which, depending on your level of preparedness, may be advantageous or humiliating. A small proportion of Nigerian artists use it when performing. Drug use and Nigerian music are linked together, each depending on the other in a supply-and-demand relationship. This is what Tomga is working tirelessly to reduce or put an end to it entirely. He has been preaching the none use of drugs and he will continue to preach the none use of drugs for a very long time. This is a unique path that will lead him to greatness now and in the future. He is reforming the society through his songs.

Tomga Biography

He is the founder of Crank Straight Edge Movement comprising of advocates for total abstinence from Illicit Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking. His intention is to address issues of moral decadence that has become prevalent among the youths.

He officially started recording his songs in 2020 and he is constantly growing bigger.

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