Steve Bussa from Philadelphia Drops His Scorecard Reaction to BSU Cypher 2023

The BSU Cypher 2023 brought together an impressive roster of artists, each known for their unique style and lyrical prowess. The lineup included Legendary i2, Lady Pesh, Gweazy, Jaymeez, Castel, Omoba Rex, Projo Kata and KingTedi. With such a diverse group of artists, the cypher promised to be a hit.

Steve Bussa, a passionate music enthusiast and avid supporter of the hip-hop community, had been eagerly awaiting the release of the BSU Cypher 2023. Following its premiere on YouTube, Bussa wasted no time in sharing his thoughts and reactions through a scorecard assessment, breaking down each artist’s performance and highlighting their standout moments.

Legendary i2: Opening the cypher with his commanding presence, Legendary i2 set the tone with his razor-sharp flow and thought-provoking lyrics. Bussa commended i2 for his excellent wordplay and ability to capture the listener’s attention from the very beginning.

Lady Pesh: Lady Pesh delivered a powerful performance, effortlessly asserting her presence amongst her male counterparts. Bussa praised her delivery, highlighting her ability to switch between rapid-fire bars and a melodic flow, showcasing her versatility.

Gweazy: Known for his energetic stage presence and infectious charisma, Gweazy brought his A-game to the cypher. Bussa commended Gweazy’s ability to connect with the audience, emphasizing his captivating delivery and lyrical dexterity.

Jaymeez: Jaymeez took center stage and delivered an introspective verse, drawing listeners in with introspective lyrics and emotional depth. Bussa appreciated Jaymeez’s vulnerability and praised the ability to convey heartfelt emotions through his music.

Castel: With smooth delivery and intricate wordplay, Castel demonstrated undeniable talent as an artist. Bussa applauded Castel’s lyrical craftsmanship, noting the ability to paint vivid pictures with words and take the listener on a lyrical journey.

Omoba Rex: Bringing a distinct flavour to the cypher, Omoba Rex showcased a unique style and flow. Bussa admired Rex’s ability to seamlessly blend different musical influences, infusing the cypher with a refreshing sound.

Projo Kata: Projo Kata’s commanding presence and confident delivery left a lasting impression. Bussa praised Kata’s lyrical prowess.

KingTedi: KingTedi delivered a show-stopping performance.

The BSU Cypher 2023 was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Primewave, an organization dedicated to supporting emerging artists and fostering creativity. Bussa acknowledged Primewave’s role in providing a platform for these talented individuals to showcase their skills, expressing gratitude for their continued support.

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