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Slim Birdie Biography

One of Benue’s finest artist, Slim Birdie who is a very talented Nigerian artist with hit songs to his credit took out time to write a very powerful message. Check it out.

“There’s a lot of Sensitive things you need to put into consideration as a building up Artist. The SAME kinda songs/lyrics these big names (A List Artists) put out that makes a platinum/hit records might be considered LAME or WACK as others may call it, if u put out that same kinda content as an UPCOMING ACT. That’s why You really need to work extremely hard to be exceptional. No PIECE has to be USUAL it has to be always EXCEPTIONAL, hit it hard like it’s your last ever.

Don’t just feel contented using specific lyrics, melody or even a pattern of beat/instrumental just because you heard it from your faves so it’s all cool. You will definitely sound usual or even casual as the case may be, the question is ‘what’s your own contribution to the music delivery of the industry you’re aiming to hit into? That’s what makes you Unique and proud to be like you started this.

Slim Birdie Biography

It also goes way beyond you just having good music content or nice vocals. Your strategy, presence, uniqueness, looks, style etc has to be exceptional. They really need to see that unique thing about you that’ll make you a whole total NEW BRAND altogether if you’re taken out there into the industry.

Slim Birdie

As you work hard to improve your musical ability/content try hard to take out time to research on other aspects of being a BRAND and not just an ARTIST. Some of these big names won’t drop a music piece for about two or more years but still be relevant making it big & gaining endorsements with their brand for real.


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