Scoops Makurdi Retires “Swallow and Soup” as it increases menu prices by 5%

Dear Scoops lovers in Makurdi, we’ve got some news for you! Our favorite quick-service restaurant, Scoops, is making a bold move to enhance its menu offerings, improve overall service quality and a minor price change in comparison with other restaurants. The Makurdi outlet has announced that it will be temporarily retiring the popular “Swallow and Soup” option from its menu while scoops in general will be making a 5-10% menu price increase in certain menu items such as shawarma, pizza, burger etc. Let’s dive into the details and understand why this decision was made.

Why the Change?

In a chat with the management, we learned that this move is part of Scoops ongoing efforts to innovate and improve its menu. The decision to retire the “Swallow and Soup” option is driven by several factors:

1. Focus on High-Demand Items: Scoops wants to channel its resources and efforts into perfecting the most popular menu items. This will ensure that customers always get the best quality for their favorite dishes.

2. Staff Efficiency: By streamlining the menu, the kitchen staff can focus on mastering a smaller range of dishes, leading to better consistency and faster service.

3. Budget Optimization: With the current economic challenges, this move will help Scoops manage its budget more effectively without compromising on the quality of ingredients or raising prices.

4. Quality Control: Concentrating on fewer menu items allows for stricter quality control measures, ensuring that every dish that leaves the kitchen meets Scoops’ high standards.

What Does This Mean for You?

Don’t worry, swallow and soup lovers! This change is temporary. Scoops assures us that the “Swallow and Soup” option will likely return to the menu in the future once they’ve achieved their goals of menu optimization and service improvement. And the price change will only allow scoops continue serving better meals.

In the meantime, you can look forward to:

– Enhanced quality of existing menu items

– Faster service and shorter wait times

– Maintained affordable prices despite rising food costs

About the Menu change

As seen on their official Facebook page they made an official press release which reads;

“Hyper inflation has bitterly affected every business and household over the past few months. With electricity tariffs up by 300% coupled with drastic depreciation of naira, removal of fuel subsidy etc. has obviously resulted in high production cost.

After taking the loss for several months hoping things gets better, we are therefore left with no other choice but to adjust our prices with a 5% to 10% hike as from 1st July, 2024.

Our goal at Scoops Cafe is to provide you with quality food and service and this inevitable price hike will allow us to continue meeting these standards.

As for soft drinks, rice, Spaghetti, prices remain the same while we hope things gets better. We thank you again for your participation and esteemed cooperation.”

Looking Ahead

This menu changes is part of Scoops’ larger vision to become a leading quick-service restaurant chain in Nigeria. By focusing on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Scoops is paving the way for its ambitious expansion plans.

Rita Okoli, a manager at Scoops, shared her thoughts: “We understand that some of our customers will miss the ‘Swallow and Soup’ option. However, we believe this temporary change will allow us to serve them even better in the long run. We’re excited about the improvements we’ll be able to make and can’t wait for our customers to experience the difference”.

So, next time you visit Scoops Makurdi, you might not see your beloved “Swallow and Soup” on the menu. But rest assured, you’ll still find plenty of delicious options to satisfy your cravings. And who knows? You might discover a new favorite dish in the process!

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