Scoops Cafe Opens in Gboko this July

Hey Gboko people! Big news for anyone who loves good food. Scoops Cafe, the place known for its yummy shawarma and other tasty meals, is opening a shop in our town soon.

Mark July 15, 2024, on your calendar. That’s when Scoops will start serving food in Gboko. They’ve already opened in Abuja in 2022 and Makurdi last year. Now it’s our turn!

What’s special about Scoops?

1. Order with your phone: Soon you can order Scoops food using your phone.

2. Food delivery: They’ll bring food to your house if you don’t want to go out.

3. New fancy menu: They’re making some special foods, like a big, extra-nice shawarma.

The big boss of Scoops, Philip Okoye, says they’re happy to come to Gboko. Even though things are expensive now, they want to give us good food at fair prices.

Want to know how much the food might cost? Here’s what we think:

– Shawarma from N2,000

– Rice from N1,000

– Pizza from N5,000

– Burger from N2,500

– Meat (like chicken, beef, goat, fish) from N1,000

– Milkshake from N3,000

– Noodles from N1,000

And there’s more!

Scoops wants to make food for everyone. Whether you want to spend small or big money, they’ll have something for you.

This new shop is part of Scoops’ big plan. They want to open 200 shops all over Nigeria by 2030. Gboko is one of the first places they chose!

So, get ready Gboko people. July 15 is coming soon. Will Scoops be as good as people say? Will we love their shawarma? We’ll find out soon!

Whether you really love food or just want to eat something nice, Scoops might become your new favorite place to eat.

We’ll tell you more as we get closer to the opening day. Gboko is about to get a new, exciting place to eat!

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