Ro Dice Sets to Debut Record-Breaking Song titled “Bad Girl”

Young and talented Nigerian music artist, Ro Dice embarked on this musical journey at a tender age of 16, navigating the music industry by releasing freestyles. What began as a personal exploration soon transformed into a full music career, fueled by the profound belief in the transformative power of music.

Influences have played a pivotal role in shaping Ro Dice’s distinctive musical style. Wizkid’s genius reverberated through his early works, providing a foundation upon which he built his artistic identity. However, the ever-evolving landscape of his musical preferences now finds Davido at the helm, steering the course of Ro Dice’s exploration. This fluidity in influence highlights the artist’s adaptability and commitment to staying attuned to the dynamic currents of the music industry.

Ro Dice’s music career is set to reverberate globally with the imminent release of his much-anticipated single, “Bad Girl,” scheduled to be released on December 17th, 2023. This track promises not just to be a mere composition but a record-breaking track that will stamp his name in  history.

Ro Dice Sets to Debut Record-Breaking Song titled “Bad Girl”

As Ro Dice prepares to unveil this masterpiece, his audience can stay connected through various social media platforms. Follow him on Facebook as Ro Dice, on Instagram @_rodice, and on TikTok @_RoDice. These platforms provide an intimate glimpse into this artist’s creative process, allowing fans to be part of the musical journey as it unfolds.

Ro Dice’s story is one of artistic evolution, resilience and commitment to the craft. As the countdown to “Bad Girl” begins. Join the movement, witness the transformation and be part of Ro Dice’s journey and legacy in music

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