Review of Questhood ft. Yo’lex G.O.A.L by Jamthegrinch

Questhood Speaks, Yolex Inflects.

Nobody knows tomorrow but we are all working to make it better. Questhood speaks his mind on this track with no filter as Yolex drives on with his silky vocals.

Review of Questhood ft. Yo'lex G.O.A.L by Jamthegrinch

Grinding on the low speaks to the basic being by hitting the basic struggles most humans face as it also highlights those day dream moments we have occasionally. Questhood incites the conversation of reality trumping expectations as he speaks on with cohesive rhymes, puns and proverbs. Yolex delivers with silky vocals that ease each transition. This coupled with stellar production and Grand level mastering equals a track you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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Not knowing tomorrow is a constant but every smart being knows you have to grind to have better odds.

Review of Questhood ft. Yo'lex G.O.A.L by Jamthegrinch

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