Rev. J.T. Aernyi JP Biography

Nigerian gospel music artist Reverend J.T. Aernyi JP, was born on January 11, 1966, in Tse Ayua, Mbakyongo, within the Buruku Local Government of Benue State. He is not only a Nigerian gospel music artist, he is a Pastor and he is also a highly acclaimed Tiv movie actor. His proficiency in acting shines through various Tiv films, including notable titles such as “Kwagh gbam a Yesu”, “Oradiguve”, “Mbaihomov Mba terankon”, “Tartor wase”, “Iorchenji”, “Dyako yam”, “Iyuhe ka mtwem,m” and “Inya Dio”.

The first among six siblings, he hails from a family deeply committed to Christianity, with his late father, Elder Aernyi Ajija JP and late mother, Ngukpen Aernyi, both remembered for their dedicated Christian principles.

His educational journey commenced at CRI (Christian Religious Instructions) Igyo, culminating in the completion of his primary education at NKST Primary School Zaki Biam in 1980. Progressing to Mbapuun Grammar School Zaki Biam for secondary education, he furthered his studies at Reformed Bible College Harga and Reformed Theological Seminary Mkar, obtaining C.RED. and B.TH degrees, respectively. Academic pursuits led him to the University of Calabar for a B.A. degree in Religious Studies and the University of Mkar for a PGD in Public Administration.

Reverend J.T. Aernyi JP was ordained as a minister of the gospel on February 14, 1997. Over the years, he served in various capacities within NKST consistories and made significant contributions to the Education department. His commitment extended to public service, where he served the Government of Benue State as a Special Adviser on Religious Affairs and Civil Society under Governor Ortom’s administration.

Rev. J.T. Aernyi JP Biography

Married to Atese Comfort Ashifa Aernyi, Reverend J.T. Aernyi JP is blessed with six children and eleven grandchildren. His musical journey began in childhood, inspired by his musically talented late parents, who were skilled singers and traditional church instrumentalists. An avid singer from a young age, he actively participated in CRI classes, with a particular focus on singing. During secondary education, he explored gospel songs by artists like Panam Percy Paul, Jim Reeves, Dom Williams, Ann Mker, Mike Jerusalem and Gideon Unom. In the secular aspect of music, he appreciated reggae music from the likes of Eric Donaldson, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Reverend J.T. Aernyi JP’s musical repertoire predominantly features reggae and country genres. With approximately 35 self-composed songs and 28 collections, his music encompasses themes ranging from weddings and Christmas to consolations and evangelicals.

Additionally, Reverend J.T. Aernyi JP served the church diligently as the Director of NKST Choir Ministry for six years, showcasing his multifaceted contributions within both the religious and musical spheres.

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