Rapizo – A legend in his prime

Music from Middle belt have experienced a great change and Rapizo is one of the pioneers of entertainment from this part of the world. He is a legend in his prime that understands the music business and he is paving way for his generation and the next generation yet unborn.

Rapizo - A legend in his prime

Nyam Luke Lubem professionally known as Rapizo is a very talented and versatile singer, song writer, dancer and a unique performer. He started music at the age of 12. His prolific musical prowess has gained him fame and recognition and it has given him the opportunity to perform in different parts of the world even out side the shores of Africa. In 2019, Rapizo performed in United Kingdom. He was involved in a music class with Cambridge University. At the event, he was also booked for an event performance in Dubai. The event in Dubai was a paper presentation between Common wealth university and London graduate school. Rapizo was the artist they used to convert their paper presentations into songs. The papers He converted into songs were: Effective Delegation, Time management, Six by Six strategies and cooperate social responsibility. His Dubai experience was facilitated by professor David Iornem. Rapizo is young, handsome, rich, talented and an inspiration to so many younger upcoming artists. Ever since he broke into the music industry, he has been hardworking and a lot of his fans can attest to the fact that he knows exactly what he is doing.

Rapizo - A legend in his prime

His style of music is very unique as he combines folk, Afro pop and Rnb. His first debut album was released in 2013 with hit songs like Immortal Rapizo, Too Far Away and other successful singles. The song “Immortal Rapizo” popularly known as “Mkem Wan Dam Ke Taraku” was the biggest track on the album thereby bringing Rapizo to limelight and since then, he has kept his profession at the highest peak. One Nigeria was another single that did not make that album but had positive reception from his fans around the globe.

Rapizo - A legend in his prime

In the year 2016, Rapizo released his second album titled “We all Need Something” with hit songs Like Tar Wase, Omo Ele, Tiv way back and a host of others. “We All Need Something” has a remarkable record and it is Rapizo’s highest selling album so far. The album sold out more than 40,000 copies excluding downloads and online streaming. The song “Tar Wase” which means our country was an instant hit after release because of the realities in the song. The song preached and prompted unity and culture. The song was an advice to youths to be more industrious in different professions other than looking at only politics for survival.

Rapizo - A legend in his prime

Rapizo’s Fourth album was released on the 1st of November, 2020. The album consists of songs like: Spirits, Eledumare, Life, Patience Ft Shedrach & Bravo D, Kpamurege, Shina Peller, Don’t underrate, Wanky.

Rapizo has received the following awards:

  1. ONTIV publication annual publication merit awards, Tiv secular song of the year 2014.
  2. ONTIV publication annual publication merit awards(Tar Wase) Song of the year(2017).
  3. Symbols Cuisine award of excellence as cultural youth ambassador (2016).
  4. Benue celebrity award(2016).
  5. Benue star artist: Icon award, 2017.
  6. Benue state council for art and culture award: The icon of music and entertainment, 2017.
  7. National union of Benue state students: Indigenous artist of the year, 2016.
  8. Benue social media male artist of the year award, 2018.
  9. Saint Augustine’s parish, Demepke, Makurdi: Golden voice of Tiv nation award, 2019.

Rapizo - A legend in his prime

Rapizo is one of the out standing artist that have achieved such a great height without the backing of any official record label. He recently released a song titled Free My People making waves on different blogs and different digital platforms world wide that is gaining a lot of attention.

Rapizo - A legend in his prime

He proved his vocal prowess once again on this song titled Free My People. The song talks about a predicament facing the Idp camps in Benue state, Taraba and Nassarawa state. Anybody that listens to the song becomes a fan instantly and it makes the person very emotional and they quickly appreciate the fact that Rapizo did not give a blind eye to the issue and he took it upon himself to address the pressing situation. The song is in synergy with the Mutual Union of Tiv in America.

Rapizo is a voice for the voiceless and he is a legend that will be celebrated forever and ever.

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