President Ems Puts Benue State on the Map with Origin

In the ever competitive music industry, it is not uncommon for artists to break boundaries and achieve remarkable milestones. President Ems, a talented rapper from Benue State, Nigeria, has done just that. Known for his unique style and lyrical prowess, President Ems recently made waves by collaborating with a popular beer brand, Orijin, to record a jingle. This collaboration not only put President Ems in the spotlight but also highlighted the untapped talent in Benue State’s vibrant music scene.

President Ems Puts Benue State on the Map with Origin

President Ems shared his excitement about the opportunity on his Facebook wall, describing how he received a sudden call that would change the course of his career. The invitation required him to travel to Lagos immediately to work with Louudaa, a renowned producer affiliated with Ayra Starr. The purpose of this collaboration was to create a jingle for Orijin, one of Nigeria’s biggest beverage brands.

What made this collaboration even more significant was the fact that Orijin specifically sought a rapper from Benue State to infuse the Tiv language and culture into their jingle. President Ems, with his deep roots in Benue State, was the perfect choice. In his Facebook post, President Ems expressed his gratitude for being selected and recognized as the representative of his city, Tiv nation and Benue people as a whole. President Ems’s collaboration with Orijin not only allowed him to contribute to a major national brand but also paved the way for remarkable milestones in his career. He proudly proclaimed himself as the first Benue rapper to shoot a music video with Unlimited LA, a renowned director. Additionally, he became the first Benue rapper to win a million naira Origin solely through his rap skills. The fact that his voice featured prominently in a national jingle was another groundbreaking achievement.

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While President Ems acknowledged the lucrative compensation he received for his contribution, it is evident that his passion for music and his desire to represent his state and culture were the driving forces behind his dedication. His success not only opens doors for future opportunities but also inspires other aspiring artists from Benue State to pursue their dreams and showcase their talent on a national stage. President Ems expressed his gratitude to his fans and supporters who have been instrumental in his success. He recognized their unwavering support as he aims to achieve more milestones in the future. With his determination, talent and groundbreaking achievements, President Ems is undoubtedly an artist to watch and his journey serves as a source of inspiration to the immense talent that resides in Benue State.

President Ems Puts Benue State on the Map with Origin

President Ems has solidified his position as a prominent rapper, not only in Benue State but also in the Nigerian music industry. His collaboration with Orijin and the subsequent milestones he achieved demonstrate the power of talent, passion and dedication. President Ems serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, proving that with the right opportunity, hard work and a commitment to representing one’s roots, dreams can become a reality. We eagerly await President Ems’s future endeavors and the impact he will continue to make in the music industry.

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