[Poem] Sustainer – My black is beautiful 

My black is beautiful and colorful 

Made of black and white strives
A melanin filled with heavenly smiles
And glow in styles

My black is beautiful
And gleeful
With her beauty she stride
She glows with pride
And in her heart love flows dip inside

My black is beautiful
And blissful
Her voice a melody
Her smile a harmony
And her touch a remedy

My black is beautiful
And strongful
Warriors she rears
She conquer her fears
And make trouble go down and stares

My black is beautiful
And wonderful
She toils her land green
With bounty of grains
And her fields she gleans

My black is beautiful
Colorful, gleeful, blissful, strongful
And wonderful
Black is beautiful.

© Sustainer
Eater of words
Photo credit: Catherine Terlumun
Shot by: Son of Janet

Benue to the World.

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