Mount Saint Gabriel Student Nater Abraham Magu Goes Viral

Talents often find a platform to shine and capture the attention of the world on social media. Such is the case for Nater Abraham Magu, a young student from Mount Saint Gabriel Secondary School in Makurdi. With his exceptional artistic skills, Nater recently gained viral recognition for his impeccable drawing of the Nigerian 200 naira note.

Nater, known as AB, has always had a passion for art. Even during his study hours, he would often be found engrossed in drawing. Joseph Pio, a school friend, recalls how he would encourage AB to prioritize his studies, but his love for art remained unwavering. AB’s mother, Comfort Magu, acknowledged that his artistic inclination had manifested even during his primary school days.

As AB progressed through his academic journey, his passion for art continued to flourish. He honed his skills, producing increasingly impressive works that showcased his remarkable talent. Notably, AB’s artistic prowess extended beyond generic drawings.

Joseph Pio, who affectionately refers to himself as AB’s school father, is immensely proud of his protege’s accomplishments. He believes that AB’s talent will undoubtedly propel him to great heights in the world of art. Pio acknowledges other talented artists, such as Prophetic Arts Obetta Damian Shima and Ver MrArtist and hopes that one of them will serve as a mentor to AB, nurturing his abilities even further.

Mount Saint Gabriel Student Nater Abraham Magu Goes Viral

In showcasing AB’s extraordinary talent, it is important to recognize the impact of social media. Thanks to platforms like Facebook, Joseph Pio was able to share AB’s drawing of the 200 naira note with a broader audience, leading to its viral recognition. Pio encourages everyone to share AB’s work and invite potential clients to explore the incredible art deals AB has to offer.

Nater Abraham Magu, a gifted young artist from Mount Saint Gabriel Secondary School, has captured the hearts of many with his impeccable drawing skills. His ability to recreate the Nigerian 200 naira note with precision and artistic finesse demonstrates his potential to become a renowned artist. As we share his remarkable talent with the world, let us support AB’s journey and celebrate the immense creativity and dedication he brings to the realm of art. Keep an eye out for this rising star, for he is destined to leave an indelible mark in the art world.

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