Meet Igoche he is multi talented

Meet Igoche Godwin, A multi talented boy who doubles as a Footballer and also a Musician among his many other talents!

Better known and referred to as Deeto or Dee, Igoche Godwin Deeto was born on 19th Nov in the middle 90s. He hails from Benue state, Idoma by tribe!
He is a graduate of Mass communications from the Benue state University Makurdi and served in the National Youth Service corp in the year 2021.
Deeto is widely known and adored mainly for his numerous gifted-talents backed up by good looks and absolute Humility. A fact which holds testimonies from all who know him!
In 2014, he officially chose Football as career rather than just playing for fun and since then has won Many accolades to his name including the prestigious “SportsMan of the Year Award” in BSU in the year 2017. Shortly after graduating from the Uni, He was scouted by Moses Orkuma, a Benue-born football philantrophist based abroad, Exposing him to his first International Football Trial in Tunisia! An experience which will forever remain Evergreen in the head of the lad.
Musically Deeto is blessed and talented despite having made football his top priority! Among his numerous songs is the popular “Pack Up” song and also “Breast” among others.
Aside Football and Music is also a skilled Graphic designer who creates mind blowing and hilarious Photoshops and Photo manipulations during leisure hours! His various photo Manipulation concepts ranges from Horror, Comic and to Fictional fantasies.
Lately The multi Talented Deeto has proven to also be a good actor and content creator as he has often cracked friends on social media with hilarious TikTok videos via his official Tiktok handle@Deetonated.
Deeto has also starred in Movies and comedy series, among which is BLACKOUT, FUNNY REALITIES & 23(a Movie shot by JAYKNOWS that featured famous Music Rapper Terry Da Rapman).

Below are some inside-facts about Deeto
Deeto is The Lastborn of a family of 5
He is a strong Man U/Barca fan and idolizes Leo Messi.
Deeto is Left Footed (Lefty)
His favourite meal is Beans
Speaks fluent Tiv and Hausa.

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