Mat P Biography

Mat P is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who embarked on his musical journey in 2007, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. With the release of his album in 2013, Mat P swiftly became popular, garnering attention and acclaim for his distinctive style and compelling musical narratives. His real name is Mathias Peter Ogbole and aside music, Mat P is also a lawyer.

At the core of Mat P’s musical prowess lies his hit single “Alomo”, an anthem that transcended its musical boundaries to become a hit within school circles. This breakout success served as a show to Mat P’s innate ability to capture audience and connect with listeners on a profound level.

Mat P Biography

Mat P draws inspiration from industry icons like 2 Baba, Rude Boy and Davido. His diverse musical catalog includes tracks such as “Alomo, Benue, Believe in God, Jehovah, Maria, Nigeria, Woman of My Dream, Yahoo Boys, Hallelujah, Nana, Abamoro, Come and See and God na Oga”. Each composition showcases his artistic evolution, with songs ranging from societal reflections to personal introspections, all showcasing Mat P’s signature sound.

Beyond the recording studio, Mat P seamlessly extends his connection with fans through various social media platforms. On Facebook, he opens a window into his world under the username “Barr Mat P” sharing glimpses of his life and musical journey. Meanwhile, his TikTok presence, underscored by the handle @barrmatp, adds a vibrant and interactive dimension to his online persona. You can follow him on Instagram with the username @barr_mat_p, where he engages with his growing community through updates, behind-the-scenes moments and a captivating visual narrative.

Mat P’s trajectory in the music industry exemplifies not only his musical ingenuity but also his adeptness at cultivating a meaningful relationship with his audience. As he continues to carve his path, Mat P stands as a show of creativity, leaving a mark on the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian music.

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