Mariju*na popularly known as we*d legalized in Nigeria

It goes without saying that marijuana, sometimes referred to as weed or cannabis, is a popular and contentious drug in Nigeria. Despite being prohibited by Nigerian law, it is openly smoked in some regions of the nation, particularly in Lagos state’s island. This page seeks to explain this phenomenon and give some background on the social, cultural and economic forces behind it.

First of all, it’s critical to comprehend that marijuana has a lengthy history in Nigeria. Cannabis is thought to have been used both medicinally and recreationally in Nigeria for hundreds of years and certain ethnic groups, particularly the Yoruba, have a long history of using it.

Marijuana popularly known as weed legalized in Nigeria

However, marijuana is also a drug connected to social exclusion, crime and poverty in Nigeria. Marijuana users frequently identify as young, unemployed and from low-income families. Despite the fact that there is no direct cause-and-effect relationship between marijuana use and criminality, this has given rise to a stereotype that links the two.

Although it is prohibited, marijuana is freely smoked in several areas of Lagos, especially on the island side of the city. This is partially a result of Nigeria’s lax and frequently ineffective drug laws enforcement.

The police lack the capacity to carry out extensive drug enforcement operations. As a result, marijuana usage has grown a commonplace in some areas of the city and several communities allow its open sale and use.

The popularity of the “Afrobeat” music genre in Lagos is one of the things that has helped marijuana use become more accepted there. West African rhythms, jazz and funk are combined to create afrobeat, which was made popular in the 1970s by Fela Kuti, a legendary artist from Nigeria. Fela Kuti was an outspoken supporter of marijuana use and frequently criticized the Nigerian government’s drug laws through his music.

Marijuana popularly known as weed legalized in Nigeria

He continues to have an impact in Lagos today, where marijuana use is frequently connected to the Afrobeat movement.

The absence of options for young people has also contributed to marijuana smoking in Lagos openly. Nigeria has a high percentage of youth unemployment and many young people are disenchanted with the country’s established economic system. Some people use marijuana to cope with the hardships of poverty and unemployment and for many people, it has evolved into a way of socializing and expressing themselves. On Lagos’ island, marijuana smoking is pervasive and widely acceptable in some circles. In public areas like parks, beaches and even the streets, it’s usual to observe individuals smoking marijuana. Drugs are frequently openly offered by street vendors and regular users can buy smaller or greater quantities depending on their needs.

Marijuana usage in Lagos is common, but it comes with risks.

The marijuana sold on the streets is typically of low quality and is frequently combined with harmful chemicals or other narcotics, like tobacco. Serious health complications like respiratory ailments and addiction might result from this.

In conclusion, the open consumption of marijuana in Lagos State island is a complicated and multifaceted problem that is difficult to attribute to a single reason. It has its roots in Nigeria’s extensive cultural heritage with the subject matter as well as the social and economic hardships faced by the nation. Music artist also smoke weed to fet inspiration. Artist like Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid openly smoke weed. Cannabis use in Lagos comes with risks, so it’s vital to proceed with caution even though some people may view it as a harmless kind of pleasure. The Nigerian government ultimately has the responsibility for addressing the underlying social and economic problems that fuel marijuana usage in Lagos and for creating more efficient drug laws that put public health and safety first.

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