Benue star Makizza Jacobs Recounts Almost Losing Her Life

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In the world of music, rising stars often face various challenges and obstacles on their path to success. Makizza Jacobs, a talented and fast-rising singer from Benue state, recently shared a harrowing experience on social media, where she revealed that she had almost lost her life. In the midst of adversity, Makizza remains resilient, grateful for divine intervention and ready to make a comeback with her new single titled “Obsessed.” We will delve into her remarkable story, highlighting her strength, determination and her upcoming song release.

Makizza Jacobs took to Facebook to share her ordeal, addressing the attempts made by unknown individuals to take her life. She spoke of the challenges she faced, expressing her gratitude for the overwhelming support she received from her fans and followers during her absence from social media and the music scene. She revealed that she had been gravely ill, emphasizing that if not for divine intervention, her situation could have been fatal. Makizza’s resilience and unwavering faith in God are evident in her words, as she believes that the negative forces attempting to harm her are no match for the power of the Almighty.

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Despite the trials she faced, Makizza remains unshaken. She acknowledges that her journey to success will inevitably encounter obstacles, but she refuses to let them hinder her progress. Makizza draws strength from the adversity she has faced, firmly believing that it only serves as proof that she is destined for greatness. Her determination to overcome challenges and rise above the negativity is a testament to her unwavering spirit and passion for her craft.

In the midst of sharing her story, Makizza took the opportunity to announce her new single titled “Obsessed.” This forthcoming release marks her comeback to the music scene and serves as a testament to her resilience and passion for her art. Makizza’s fans and supporters eagerly anticipate the release, excited to hear her unique sound and witness her growth as an artist. With the hashtag #Kizzaunusual and #unusualsound, she hints at the distinctive qualities that make her music stand out from the crowd.

Makizza vs Lady Pesh - Who rocked it better

Music has always served as a powerful means of expression and healing. For Makizza Jacobs, music becomes her refuge, a way to channel her emotions, and share her experiences with the world. Despite the challenges she has faced, her passion for music remains unyielding. Through her art, Makizza aims to inspire, uplift and connect with her audience, providing them with an escape from their own struggles and reminding them of the strength that lies within.

Makizza Jacobs recounting of her near-death experience serves as a testament to her resilience and faith in the face of adversity. Her unwavering determination and refusal to let negative forces overcome her spirit is an inspiration to aspiring artists and individuals facing their own challenges. As she prepares to release her new single, “Obsessed,” Makizza embraces her uniqueness and stays true to her unusual sound. Her story serves as a reminder that no matter the obstacles faced, true talent and passion will always shine through. We eagerly await Makizza’s comeback.

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