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Make Money On Your Tiktok Account Without Being An Influencer, How?

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Tiktok is a social media platforms that enables you share photos, videos and other contents. Over the years, it has garnered over 200 million users in the United States of America alone. Most times, Tiktok users often use their smartphones to make and share short videos that may include a person dancing, singing, skit-making and more. This platform in essence, has opened up opportunities for business men and women to collaborate with content makers to change their products or brands to reach a large number of audience. In this article, I would be showing you ways in which content creators on Tiktok can make tons on money from it.

They are many ways you can make money on Tiktok without even being a well known influencer on the platform. In this article, I would show you 12 ways you can achieve it, so read carefully:

Here are 12 ways you can make money from your Tiktok account:

1. Tiktok Creators Fund


The Tiktok creators fund rewards content creators for creating engaging videos on the platform. To join the Tiktok Creators Fund you’ll need to be an adult that is, 18 years and above. Then, you’ll need to be a citizens of the 50 eligible states. After fulfilling these two requirements, you’ll need to have a minimum of 10,000 active followers on your account and at lease video views amounting up to 100,000 that month. Another requirement is that you need to post only unique contents so that you’ll not find yourself violating the Community Guidelines.

2. Sell Products To Tiktok


Another great way of making a lot of money as a Tiktok user is by selling your products to your Tiktok followers. As part of your marketing strategy, you can make it a thing of duty to a picture of your products be it shoes, T-shirt, Books and more.


3. Posting Your Affiliate Links

Posting your affiliate links on your account can also be a great way to make money on your Tiktok account. This can be done on your post description or even on your bio.

4. Become A Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador of a merchandise can be a great source of income. Brands are constantly on the lookout for Tiktok users to enable them spread the reach of their products and services. You as a brand ambassador, you can help them boost their social media presence and post good reviews on their channel. Apart from being an ordinary brand ambassador, you can also expand your CV. It is also a great way of getting networks that could stay with you forever.

5. Sell Tiktok Accounts

Just like selling Facebook pages, Tiktok accounts can also be used to make money. This is because companies who are trying to have a stronger social media presence might come to you for help. You can assist them by growing organic followers on their page. You need to know that before you sell a page to a person on Tiktok, the account must have had an engaging audience, attractive contents and high number of followers.

6. Tiktok Ads

Another way to make money is by engaging in Tiktok Ads. They offer users opportunity to expand their reach among customers. Tiktok for Businesses offers a good opportunity for this. You could generate some good cash for yourself by using branded hashtags, branded effects, brand takeovers and the likes.

7. Manage Campaigns of Influencers

You could ask yourself; how can I do this? You could do this by acting as a middle man between a creator and a product brand. That is, you could help businesses connect with viral influencers. By doing this, you get paid because you’ve been part of their successful campaign.

8. Promote A Song

Do you know that you could earn a huge amount of money by just dancing to a music track on Tiktok? Yes, you could earn.

Another way to earn is by using the song of any artiste of your choice in your video.

If an artiste see that, they may be moved to pay you for helping them promote the song. Well, it’s not a new thing.

9. Accept Virtual Gifts

One feature of Tiktok is that users can make purchases of digital currencies and gifts from their profiles. In turn, they can now gift their gifts and currencies to their favorite content creatures on Tiktok during a live chat with the Tiktok who in turn can exchange them for cash.

10. Make Sponsored Posts

A great way to earn tons of cash is through Tiktok account is by make sponsored posts. As a Tiktok users, you can partner with companies and make sponsored posts to promote their goods and services.

11. Join The Creator’s Marketplace for Tiktokers

When you join Tiktok’s Creator Marketplace, you stand a chance of working with serious companies to promote their goods and services in your contents. The basic requirements for this is by having 100,000 active followers on Tiktok with a authentic analytic tool which enables them monitor reach, views, engagements and other statistics.

12. Management Services

Offering management services for other content creators can also result in pushing a little revenue in your pocket. You can render your service by helping them strategies such as meeting content production goals, making interesting posts, and amasing more followers to their account.


Your success in this will rely on your ability to create contents regularly. You will need to constantly post interesting contents for your followers to continue to share and spread your contents. Just like every other social network, another vital thing you need to take note of is the amount of followers you are able to attract. As a result, to gather many followers you need to constantly upload captivating videos, the captivating the videos, the higher your engagement and the followers. Another way of promoting your contents is by improving is by sharing your contents on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and the likes.


That’s all on this article.

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