Joe Waxy is the Producer Behind Ss Rhalz Viral Hit Song “Tesumole”

Joe Waxy is the Producer Behind Ss Rhalz Viral Hit Song "Tesumole"

In the vast world of music production, it takes immense talent and dedication to stand out. Joe Waxy, a star producer, has achieved just that with the production of SS Rhalz’s hit song titled “Tesumole“.

Joe Waxy is a Talented Music Producer from Benue State. He has emerged as a highly sought-after music producer in Nigeria. His passion for music production and dedication to his craft has propelled him to the forefront of the industry. With a keen ear for catchy melodies and a knack for creating standard beats, Joe Waxy has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. His production prowess reached new heights with the release of “Tesumole.” This hit song, performed by SS Rhalz, became an instant viral sensation, captivating listeners worldwide and topping charts in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. With its energetic beats and catchy hooks, “Tesumole” had people dancing and singing along, creating a massive buzz on social media platforms and establishing Joe Waxy as a hitmaker.

Joe Waxy is the Producer Behind Ss Rhalz Viral Hit Song "Tesumole"

The impact of “Tesumole” extended beyond its initial release, attracting the attention of renowned afrobeats Nigerian singer Teni. In a live video, Teni showcased her immense talent by singing the song, further amplifying its popularity. Her endorsement not only validated Joe Waxy’s production skills but also introduced his work to an even wider audience, solidifying his reputation as a talented producer in Nigeria.

The influence of “Tesumole” reached new heights when popular blogger and social media influencer Tunde Ednut posted Teni’s live performance on his platform. With a vast following, Ednut’s endorsement significantly contributed to the viral nature of the song. His support exposed Joe Waxy’s talent to a broader audience, helping him gain recognition as one of the industry’s standout producers.

Nedu’s Podcast Discussion: Nedu, a renowned Nigerian comedian and radio personality, further cemented Joe Waxy’s reputation through a podcast episode dedicated to discussing the hit song “Tesumole.” Nedu’s platform provided an opportunity to delve deeper into the artistry behind the song and shed light on Joe Waxy’s contribution to its success. This discussion not only generated more interest in Joe Waxy’s work but also solidified his position as one of the industry’s talented producers.

Collaborations and Success: Beyond “Tesumole,” Joe Waxy’s talent shines through his collaborations with various artists like Jay Teazer, Jumabee, Bank Alat, Aegizbillz, Terel, Peviz and many others who have recognized his unique ability to bring their visions to life through his production skills. His versatility and creativity have earned him a reputation as one of the most sought-after music producers in Middle Belt and Nigeria at large.

Joe Waxy’s rise to prominence as a music producer has been nothing short of remarkable. From producing this viral hit song “Tesumole” to his collaborations with renowned artists, Joe Waxy’s talent and dedication have propelled him to great heights. With his distinctive production style and ability to create catchy melodies, he continues to shape the music industry. As we eagerly await his future projects, one thing is certain, Joe Waxy’s influence and success will continue to grow.

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