JiggyWest ENT sound engineer and artist Benzee is set to release “Umbrella” featuring Everyoungzy

JiggyWest ENT sound engineer and singer Benzee will release his official single, “Umbrella.” Everyoungzy is featured on the song, which is sure to be popular with music fans.

Benzee has made a name for himself as a rising star in the Nigerian music industry thanks to his love of music and talent for production/sound engineering. He has gained acclaim in the business for his ability to produce distinctive sounds and engineer songs that connect with listeners.

The song “Umbrella” is the ideal example of Benzee’s musical genius. JiggyWest ENT’s production of “Umbrella” has a clear, polished sound that will quickly make Nigerian music fans fall in love with it. The song will undoubtedly become viral on streaming services and radio stations and Benzee is sure that listeners all over the world will enjoy it.

Every note of “Umbrella” reflects Benzee’s devotion to his art and love ofor music. He is creative  and his skill and dedication have won him a devoted following that eagerly anticipates his upcoming release.

The release of “Umbrella” is scheduled for this Friday, and fans of Nigerian music are looking forward to it. The single is certain to be a hit and solidify Benzee’s place as a rising star in the industry. Thanks to his talent and Everyoungzy’s inclusion. Benzee took to his official instagram page to make the announcement about the new song. His label boss and executive, has confirmed that the superstar is releasing a song.

Join the TikTok trend by clicking on the link below as we wait for the song.

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