Jasperking Biography

Jasperking, born Michael Philip EDO on January 1, 1984, is a distinguished Nigerian Afro Dancehall hip-hop artist, songwriter, composer and entrepreneur. Rising to prominence through his notable participation in the Benson and Hedge Music Competition in the South South Zone of Nigeria’s Edo State in 1999, Jasperking, a proud native of Edo State, was raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Educationally, he pursued his studies at Ehgosa Grammar School in Benin and later excelled at Auchi Polytechnic, graduating with a first-class honors in Sociology. His journey in the entertainment industry commenced with a stint as a presenter at E.B.S.TV EDO BROADCASTING SERVICE.

Jasperking Biography

In 2017, Jasperking ventured into the international music scene, relocating to Milan, Italy, as an independent artist. Soon after, he garnered attention from the reputable record company Visory Records, solidifying his place in the industry. His musical repertoire includes hit tracks like “Money”, “Flash up your lighter”, “Black queen”, “Our own” and “Original party”.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Jasperking has collaborated with esteemed dancehall DJs in Milan, such as DJ Massi Lester of Agora in Milan, Italy, Raw Dancehall Selecta and Good Vibes Sounds. Hailing from a family of five siblings, he holds the position of the second son. With an impressive background, Jasperking continues to break boundaries with his unique musical talent and entrepreneurial skills.

Early Life

In the formative years of his career, dating back to 1996, Jasperking underwent a crucial developmental phase at the Sir Victor Uwafo Music Academy. It was here that he received comprehensive instruction in music and its foundational elements, laying the groundwork for his future success.

Jasperking’s early life was marked by unique challenges, as his father served in the Nigerian Armed Forces and his mother, at one point, managed the responsibilities of being a trader. Following the loss of his father, his mother bravely navigated the role of a widow, single-handedly caring for their five children. Despite these circumstances, Jasperking’s determination led him to participate in significant concerts where he performed live alongside renowned artists like Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, and even paid tribute to Bob Marley through his renditions.

These influential experiences played a pivotal role in shaping his identity as a superlative Afro Dancehall hip-hop musician. Today, he coined his distinctive style as “Afro Rag Hop Vibes”, a fusion that seamlessly integrates reggae, hip-hop, highlife and Afrobeat genres. The culmination of these diverse influences has contributed to the creation of a musical persona that connects with audiences worldwide.

Jasperking Biography

Personal Life

Jasperking isn’t just living a life; he is purposefully crafting it through meaningful service to humanity. Beyond raw talent, there’s a deliberate commitment to shaping society positively – a distinction that sets him apart.

In a recent philanthropic endeavor, the rapper, entrepreneur and CEO of Jasperking Nation directed his efforts towards a crucial cause: providing sanitary pads to young girls in our community. This project addresses a stark reality – some girls resort to using makeshift materials due to financial constraints, leading to missed classes and educational setbacks.

In a conversation with Jasperking, the purpose behind this initiative is clear. He describes it as a humanitarian gesture, a way of giving back to the community, impacting lives and crucially, educating youngsters about peer pressure and life post-school. It’s a visionary move, echoing the belief that if everyone contributes in their own small way, society can undergo transformative change.

When questioned about the project’s direction, Jasperking affirms its correctness, emphasizing its role in connecting with fans, promoting his brand, and addressing the genuine needs of his female audience. The importance of recognizing and catering to these needs, particularly for those facing economic challenges, underlines the project’s significance.

The underlying message extends beyond philanthropy; it’s a strategic move to connect, resonate and promote his brand and music. By navigating the sensitive terrain of menstrual hygiene, Jasperking not only addresses a critical societal issue but also underscores the compassion and depth behind his artistic persona. The project is not just a step; it’s a purposeful stride in the right direction, a show of his commitment to making a positive impact, one that goes beyond the beats and lyrics of his music.

Music Career.

Jasperking’s musical journey unfolds like a carefully curated series of milestones. His debut single, “MONEY” was released on June 22, 2018, a rhythmic song recorded under the banner of Visory Records. Building on this initial success, his second album, the compelling “Our Own Album” featuring eight tracks, was unveiled on April 12, 2020, meticulously crafted and recorded under the esteemed DK Records.

Undeterred by the challenges of the music industry, Jasperking continued his exploration, gifting his audience the vibrant sounds of his third album, the “King Kong Album”. Released in 2021 and comprising nine tracks, this album stands as a show to his evolution as an artist, showcasing a fusion of musical prowess and creative innovation. Each release becomes a chapter in the unfolding narrative of Jasperking’s musical legacy, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the harmonious stories yet to be told.

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