I get money pass your papa – Rema brags

The braggadocious lyrics of the song “Charm” which Nigerian musician Rema just previewed, have stirred up social media. Rema sings about his fame and fortune in the song snippet, calling himself a “Rich Man” and bragging about his capacity.
While some supporters have expressed excitement for the new song, others have criticized Rema for using too much bragging in his lyrics. He has even been charged as being conceited and disconnected from his followers by others. Musicians frequently use boastful lyrics in their songs, nevertheless.

Many musicians use their music as a means of self-expression and self-aggrandizement in a cutthroat business. Rema is a typical example of this pattern.

I get money pass your papa - Rema brags

Rema brags about his accomplishment in the song snippet of “Charm.” He boasts about his fortune as well. Although some fans might find these lyrics offensive, it’s vital to keep in mind that music frequently reflects an artist’s perspective and life experiences. Rema, who is successful at a young age, might just be showing his joy and thankfulness for his accomplishments.

Everybody has a different perspective on what constitutes a good song and music is ultimately a subjective art. Rema’s lyrics in “Charm” may come off as conceited to some, but others may find his assurance and swagger endearing. Whatever one’s personal views, it is undeniable that Rema’s music continues to enthrall and delight listeners all over the world. The song “charm” will be released on Friday 28th of April, 2023.

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