I am pregnant for – Bobrisky makes a shocking revelation

Recently, Nigerian social media personality and cross-dresser, Bobrisky, made headlines after revealing on Facebook that she thinks she might be pregnant for her boyfriend. This announcement has generated a lot of reactions and discussions on social media.

For those who may not be familiar with Bobrisky, she is a controversial figure in Nigeria known for her flamboyant lifestyle, cross-dressing and outspoken personality. She has amassed a huge following on social media over the years.

In a post on Facebook, Bobrisky wrote: “From the look of things, I think I’m pregnant for my boyfriend.” While some fans congratulated her and wished her well, others were skeptical and questioned the authenticity of her claims.

I am pregnant for - Bobrisky reveals shocking revelation

It’s worth noting that Bobrisky has been known to make controversial statements and claims in the past, so it’s not entirely clear whether her pregnancy announcement is genuine or just a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, the post has sparked a lot of discussion and debate on social media, with many people expressing their opinions and speculations.

One theory is that Bobrisky may be using her supposed pregnancy as a way to deflect attention from recent controversies she has been involved in. Just yesterday, she was criticized for calling out Popular Benue food vendor.

Another dimension is that Bobrisky may be using the pregnancy announcement as a way to gain more followers and attention on social media. In recent years, she has become increasingly popular and has even been dubbed the “Nigerian male barbie.” With this kind of attention and fame comes a lot of scrutiny and criticism, so it’s possible that she is using her supposed pregnancy to keep people talking and maintain her relevance.

Whatever the case may be, Bobrisky’s pregnancy announcement has certainly sparked a lot of discussion and debate on social media. Some people are congratulating her and wishing her well, while others are skeptical and questioning the authenticity of her claims. It remains to be seen whether she is actually pregnant or if this is just another publicity stunt, but one thing is for sure: Bobrisky knows how to keep people talking and stay in the headlines.


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