How to promote my music career for free in United states of America


How to promote my music career for free in United states of America to different parts of the world.

United States of America which is the current world power is dominated with a lot of potentials. As the world power, decisions made affect different countries directly or indirectly around the globe. Entertainment and Media in U. S is currently the largest in the world. U.S. recorded music industry (including concerts and touring) grew rapidly within a short period of time to $22 billion in 2019. Interestingly, this is the largest global music market in the world.

The internet is a global village where different people connect and network. In the past, artists had to sell their music using C. D plates to make money. With the invention of the internet, different artist can now make money from streaming platforms and they can also hold their concerts live and sell tickets to their fans. This is the reason why Bonezworld is here to promote different artiste currently from United States. Bonezworld has thousands of traffic coming in from different parts of the world that all the featured artists will benefit from and these artists can grow their fan base thereby making more money from their music careers. These artist have the privilege of promoting their songs, videos, streaming links, profiles and different articles relating to their respective brands. This is a give away package for a limited period of time. Send an email to [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to +2348163828930 to participate in this golden opportunity.

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