How to make money online for beginners in South Africa

How to make money online for beginners in South Africa

South Africa is currently one of the African countries with a very good economy and it is the most developed country in Africa.

In other to make money online in South Africa, there are certain steps you need to take. With an internet enabled Device, smartphone or a computer/laptop, you are on the right path to achieve financial success.

These steps in South Africa include:

1. Launch a Blog: Blogging is one of the ways of making it big online. Location is not a barrier in blogging. A blog has different ways of making money. This can be through advertisements, promotions, affiliate links, selling your own products, web designing and so many other ways.

2. Become a social media manager: As a social media manager, you can work from any location. There are a lot of companies looking for professionals to handle their social media accounts. You need to know how to create very engaging contents to get these kind of jobs.

3. Launch a Youtube channel: Youtube is the largest video host in the world. A lot of people go there to watch tutorials, news, entertainment and anything videos. You can also tap into this platform by creating engaging videos. You get paid by views. You can also make money from youtube by advertising different brands in your videos.

4. Become a translator: Becoming a translator is another method of making money from the internet. After all, not everyone is capable of learning a new language. If you are one of those people who can fluently speak more than one language, you can monetize it.

5. Become an online English teacher: Being multilingual is an advantage for money making ventures and a great way to make money online in South Africa. After all, if you’re familiar with the language, you can help others learn English while making money for yourself.

6. Do freelance work: The freelance industry has become a great option for people in between jobs, with others relying on full-time freelance work. The best part is that you can offer freelance work for a wide variety of tasks. For example, others might offer audio engineering services, while others might offer copywriting work. The limitations will basically be up to you and what you’re willing to do or learn.

7. Register your car on InDriver, Uber or Taxify: Registering your private car on taxify, Uber or indriver can give you good profits. You can do this as a side gig or full time, it is all up to you. Currently, InDriver is very interesting. On Indriver you can make use of a hatchback car. Uber and Taxify doesn’t allow hatchbacks. Working hard can make you thousands of Rands per month in net profit. If you have a car that you can use then this is something worth trying in your spare time. You can also hire someone to drive your car for you. This way, you are not only creating employment for yourself but for others too.

8. Online surveys: Research companies are always on a hunt to recruit members to answer online surveys and test new products. This requires filling a form for a few minutes and get paid in cash or rewards. You can make up to R8000 on a survey.

You can make use of these websites to fill online surveys and earn money.

  1. Joinhiving
  2. Toluna
  3. Panel opinion
  4. I-say
  5. Prolific


These methods have been proven to work but you will need to carryout your own research to determine what works for you. What works for A might not work for B and C. Why a lot of people fail in business online is that they do not make research. They just wake up and jump into any business they see others making progress in on the internet. Do not make these same mistakes. Carry out a survey and know the people you are serving before making conclusions.

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