How to graduate from Benue state university

How to graduate from Benue state university after studying for a specified period of time.

Benue state university located in Makurdi, the Benue state capital was established by the Benue State Government with the enactment of the Benue State University edict No. 1 of 1991. The University took off in the 1992/93 academic year.

How to graduate from Benue state university

The university keeps admitting thousands of students but at the end, not all the students graduate successfully. This has pushed so many students into depression, death, drugs, joining gangs and all illicit acts in the society. This has pushed our team to write on this topic in other to awaken students on the things that will enable them to graduate successfully from Benue state university. They include:

1. God: God, as the creator of the universe is needed in other to guide and direct your steps to successfully graduate from Benue state university. The university is filled with dark forces that will frustrate you if you are not strong in the spirit. From clubbing by girls to chasing of girls by boys, you will discover that some people do all this things without even knowing. You can join any of the Christian families in school to strengthen your spiritual life.

How to graduate from Benue state university

2. Take your year one seriously: When a lot of people gain admission into the university, they wait till final year before taking their courses seriously but sometimes their grades are already affected badly before they realise in final year. When most people realise in their final year, this end up causing them extra years. It is better to build high grades from year one and continue to maintain, sustain and develop it till you graduate than easily moving from lower grades to higher grades in your final year in the university. So if you really want to graduate from the university, you need to start from year one but year two is also good to build your grades up.

3. Collect handouts, notes, textbooks and materials from your course mates and those who are ahead of you in your department: A lot of people go into the university and isolate themselves from associating with other people and this ends up affecting them badly. If you do not ask, so many people will not know if you need materials. So make friends with your course mates and collect all released materials, study them and have a vast knowledge in your courses.

How to graduate from Benue state university

4. Make the library your very good friend: The university is an environment for learning. So you need to make the library your good friend. You need a quiet and conducive environment to study your materials and Benue state university library is a good place to read. The library presents its users vast information materials. You can also photocopy any material you find valuable. You can as well borrow materials from the school main library and departmental library. You can find materials to carry out your assignments in the library.

5. Do not miss lectures and if you must miss, have someone to call you in case of any impromptu test: In the university, there are lecturers that once they attend a class and they see only a part of their students, they might give an impromptu test. Some lecturers even go to the level of taking attendance during lectures. You need to know lecturers that are always fond of doing this so you do not miss out when they eventually strike.

6. Do not miss any of your exams, assignments and test especially in final year: On no account should you miss any of your exams, assignments and test especially in final year. Once you miss some lecturers exams, you will come back and write it as a carry over. In your final year, this will definitely cause you a spill over.

7. Be mindful of the number of courses you pick, your credit load and your Tce: So many people think it is all about picking courses in the university but the truth is if you pick a course, try as much as possible to pass the course. The number of total course credit load you can pick in Benue state university is 24. At the end of the day, you must accumulate 144 Tce in other for you to graduate. Tce means Total credit earned.

Insure your graduation today by following the right steps at the right time. Even if you do not end up graduating, you need to understand that you can also be successful with or without school.

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