Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime launched Villa De Lia Estate in Makurdi for low income earners

In a world where affordable housing seems like an unattainable dream for many, Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime has embarked on a mission to make that dream a reality.

With the launch of Villa De Lia Estate in Makurdi, he is championing the cause of low-income earners and reshaping the housing landscape.

This groundbreaking project has already caught the attention of the community, as evidenced by Ukeyimaa John Ukmonii’s heartfelt Facebook post. Let’s delve into the exciting details and celebrate the incredible achievement of Hon Itiza and his team.

Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime launched Villa De Lia Estate in Makurdi for low income earners
Just a few months ago, Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime shared his vision for Villa De Lia Estate with Ukeyimaa John Ukmonii. The passion and determination behind the project were palpable as Hon Itiza described his plans for creating affordable housing options in Makurdi. Although Ukeyimaa couldn’t join him on the site visit due to a sudden illness, the anticipation in his words speaks volumes about the impact Hon Itiza’s project is having on the community.

Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime launched Villa De Lia Estate in Makurdi for low income earners

The recent flag-off ceremony of the Housing Project in Makurdi, officiated by the Governor of Benue state, Rev Father Hyacinth Alia, was a momentous occasion. It marked the beginning of a transformational journey that promises to uplift the lives of low-income earners in the region. Hon Itiza’s company, Riella Properties and Investment Limited, has taken on the task of constructing Villa De Lia Estate, a development consisting of 200 units. Among these units are fifty duplexes, as well as one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bathroom apartments, all tailored to meet the needs of low-income earners.

Villa De Lia Estate’s strategic location at Mbangyur Layout Phase 1, along Gboko Road, presents an ideal setting for residents. Situated just after the Nigerian Airforce Base in Makurdi, the estate offers a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its accessibility to essential amenities and major transportation links ensures that residents will have everything they need within reach. Villa De Lia Estate is more than just a housing unit; it’s a place where dreams take root and flourish.

Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime launched Villa De Lia Estate in Makurdi for low income earners

Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of low-income earners has earned him well-deserved recognition and praise. His vision for Villa De Lia Estate demonstrates that housing shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for a selected few, but a basic right for all. By creating a community where individuals and families can thrive, Hon Itiza has not only provided shelter but also instilled a sense of hope and belonging.

Ukeyimaa John Ukmonii’s celebratory words echo the sentiments of many who have been touched by Hon Itiza’s housing initiative. It is evident to the impact Villa De Lia Estate is already making in the hearts and minds of the community. As the project gains momentum, more individuals will come to realize that they, too, can find a place to call home in Villa De Lia Estate.

Hon Itiza Isaac Imojime’s Villa De Lia Estate is more than bricks and mortar; it represents a beacon of hope, a symbol of progress. By bringing affordable housing to the forefront, he is rewriting the narrative and giving low-income earners the opportunity to build a better future. Let us join Ukeyimaa and celebrate Hon Itiza’s remarkable achievement.

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