Gaago x NEMZNOPROBLEM x unkulu of the boo – 444

In a bold and innovative musical endeavor, Gaago, NEMZNOPROBLEM and unkulu of The Boo have come together to create an exceptional track titled “444.” This dynamic collaboration merges elements of creativity and inspiration as it pays homage to healing essence.

The artist on”444” skillfully infused their original lyrics into the beat of “Healing” by Tion Wayne. This harmonious fusion not only showcases their musical prowess but also sends a powerful message of self-discovery and healing.

Gaago, NEMZNOPROBLEM, and unkulu of The Boo have taken a piece of art, paying homage to Tion Wayne’s “Healing,” and transformed it into something entirely new and inspiring. “We used someone else’s work but created something new,” they proudly stated. Their unique perspective on the assignment, inspired by the healing theme of the original track, brings fresh life to the music scene.

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Download MP3: Gaago x NEMZNOPROBLEM x unkulu of the boo – 444

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