“She’s an Angel in human form”. Benue Born Disc Jockey DJ ideal AKA Director Of Jammmzzz Eulogizes Former Benue First Lady in a Facebook post

In a Sunday afternoon Facebook post made on his profile, Benue born Disc jockey and socialite, DJ ideal dropped a lengthy message praising the immediate past Benue First Lady, her kindness, benevolence and activities through her NGO Eunice Spring of life Foundation.

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“This is Her Excellency, Eunice Ortom Ph.D, The immediate past First Lady of Benue State.

It’s not her birthday, neither is she celebrating any special event in her life today that’s known to me.

But I elect to celebrate the woman that she is.

I’ve always known and believed that one is attracted to who/what he/She celebrates, hence, I celebrate Mummy Eunice Ortom today as always.

I celebrate “Mummy U Benue” publicly today because she’s already living my dream life.

One of my driving forces and core values in life is COMPASSION; the willingness to impact on lives positively and live them better than I met them.

While I’m already on step 1 of two, that’s to say, I’m already blessed with the willpower to help but yet to activate step 2 of 2 which is the pocket power, Mummy Eunice has long been a chief executive in the TWO categories and discharging assistance to all and sundry, making our communities better, Putting smiles on the faces of everyone irrespective of age, gender, clan, religion and party affiliation.

Oh what an enigma she is, a true and practical philanthropic character, a real angel in human form walking the earth and changing longstanding narratives, a voice of excellence and a bridge of hope, doing the impossible daily across boards.

Because of this woman, parents are now proud to give birth to female children, She has successfully and single handedly bridged the discrepancy gap in the hierarchy that hitherto existed among parents as touching the importance of a male and female child and vice versa.

“She’s an Angel in human form”. Benue Born Disc Jockey DJ ideal AKA Director Of Jammmzzz Eulogizes Former Benue First Lady in a Facebook post

Before now, a wife who didn’t give birth to a male child, in some families, she would be sent back to her family by her husband, female children in some homes were treated like second class members of the families, but today, all of these abnormalities have changed because people have realized and seen that if Eunice Erdoo Ortom could do it, any other woman can.

To some readers, my thoughts here are laced with ambiguities, apologies! But you realize that the person of my subject is a public figure and I’m not eulogizing for political gains so it is difficult for me to highlight specifics and in perspectives.

Nevertheless, close-knitted allies and those in the public space who always have their ears on the ground for good news and the crusaders of same, will attest to the established fact that Mummy Eunice Erdoo is an exceptionally good woman and one who dispenses humongous financial interventions and relief materials to many for no special cause.

“She’s an Angel in human form”. Benue Born Disc Jockey DJ ideal AKA Director Of Jammmzzz Eulogizes Former Benue First Lady in a Facebook post

Let me put on categorical records that I have never been a direct recipient or beneficiary of her gestures before, (I am optimistic that would happen when she reads me🤣🤣🤣) neither have I ever met this Wonder Woman one-on-one before but hers is like the case of Jesus Christ and how stories of her good deeds got out there and now in the mouth and ears of everyone, without hired and sycophantic publicists, even at a time when the only news that goes viral the world over has to be stories of negative happenings, is a proof that doing good and the act of giving comes naturally to her.

I won’t be surprised to read comments and rejoinders that she’s doing all these but with public funds and if I must reply such critics, I would like to ask them to show me how many people the Diezanni’s and the Emefieles that are alleged to have mismanaged hundreds of billions from the public treasury helped, how many interventions did they do? How many businesses did they set up for ordinary Nigerians without asking or requesting a thing in return? How many less privileged Nigerians are rich men today from their stables? How many people are car owners today because they bought cars and just called them to go and collect….?

I can go on and on and on…

These are gestures that Her Excellency dispenses on a daily, even till today that she and her husband no longer occupy any public office.

Among numerous things Her Excellency has done through her NGO, Eunice Spring Of Life Foundation, did you know that in the twilight of her reign as the First Lady of Benue State, this angel in human form deployed resources and built a befitting place of worship for the BEYIP (Benue Youths In Prayer), a prayer group she formed while in office, for the Benue Youths to get close to God-they’re myriads of testimonies from that initiative till date.

Realizing the prospects in entertainment and how much it has contributed to Nigeria’s GDP, she also bought world-class equipments and built an ultra-modern recording studio in the same facility using experienced professionals, for as many Benue citizens and Nigerians that are interested in making use of the studio to better their potentials in entertainment enterprise.

Her contributions to Agriculture and Agri-preneur in the state are mind-blowing and mind-boggling.

Ordinary widows in Benue are now living far better than a lot of people working in multinationals because of Her Excellency’s contributions to their lives.

Women are now proud to be called widows owing to Mummy Eunice interventions in their cause

No wonder, she receives awards internationally and from the home front more regularly than a lot of people that have been on the job far longer than her.

No wonder she once received an award and a certificate of excellence from Gboko traditional Council, one of the most revered traditional institutions in Nigeria.

No wonder, word on the street has it that a lot of people can’t wait for 2027 elections because all and sundry want the ERDOO of our time on the ballot. And so shall it be.

…this piece is a continuum

Long live Eunice Erdoo Ortom Ph.D
DJ ideal
Writes from Makurdi, Benue State”

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