Dear upcoming entertainers

Dear upcoming entertainers

Dear upcoming entertainers build a fan fanbase, not a friend, family or artist base like Jazzy will say When you start leveling up, Strangers on the internet will support you more than some of your oldest friends and upcoming entertainers.

In my state let Tha Neutral be our case study, mentor, and role model. He focuses his craft and content on his fans and not on other music artists or comedians. This is because most of your fans are strangers, not family and friends. At the beginning of your journey as an entertainer, your comments section will be filled with comments from a few upcoming entertainers, friends, family and strangers who see the talent in you.

No be every Kpekus you go knack. Respect everyone on your list, timeline and comment section, engage everybody, reply to everybody with the same energy, appreciate strangers for sharing your craft, allow articles written about you to appear on your wall and don’t be selective. Because with time, those OG and upcoming entertainers and people you place above strangers will see competition while the strangers see potential.

Focus and respect those strangers, they are mostly the real fans, your family and real friends. when your own OGs, family and friends try to cancel you, those strangers turn into family will always support you. If you check the comments section of bonezworld 4 years ago, it was mostly artists and OGs, but now most people you see are strangers turn family. Thanks to bonezworld family, you are the reason we are still moving and growing bigger.

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