Davies Gsm Biography

Gajir Mtile Davies Samuel, popularly known as Davies Gsm or Bat Guy, was born on October 9, in Federal Medical Center in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. He was raised as the only son in his family. Davies attended Assemblies of God Nursery and Primary School in Okpaugwu, Ebonyi State and later graduated from Graceland Secondary School in Gboko, Benue State. Currently, he is an undergraduate student at Benue State University in Makurdi.

Davies Gsm’s comedy career began to gain attention early on and he has garnered numerous local prizes for his comedy skits and lyrics writing. Although he had been relatively unknown for a while, he has always been passionate about entertaining others and making them laugh. In an interview, Davies Gsm mentioned that his comedic style has been influenced by popular skit creators na like Gentuu and Brain Jotter.

Davies Gsm Biography

Born in the Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State. Despite being an upcoming comedian, he has already achieved some notable accomplishments. One of his achievements includes winning a ticket for Slim Birdie’s Awe show.

Davies Gsm has developed strong bonds of friendship with several prominent artists in Benue such as Big Sekretz, Hman Swaqx, Soundboi, Rk Soundz, Tsagaa and Asoli. These connections have further fueled his drive and determination to excel in his comedy career.

Although Davies Gsm possesses immense talent, it wasn’t until a video featuring him, posted by Neutalkomedian, garnered 1,000 views on social media that he gained the confidence to pursue comedy more actively. The overwhelming positive response from fans boosted his self-belief and motivated him to continue honing his skills.

Davies Gsm Biography

Davies Gsm proudly acknowledges his ties to Ebonyi State in his biography. His father served as a Mopol (Mobile Police) officer in Mopol 32 Abakaliki and his mother accompanied him during his assignment there. Consequently, Davies was born in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. He also has an Igbo name, Chukwudi, which means “there is God.”

To connect with his fans and share his comedic content, Davies Gsm can be found on social media platforms with the handles @davies_gsm and @Bat_Guy.

Davies Gsm’s journey in the world of comedy is still unfolding and he continues to entertain and bring joy to his audience through his unique style and comedic talent. As he further hones his skills and gains more recognition, he aspires to leave a lasting impact on the comedy industry.

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