Chef Dammy’s Remarkable 120-Hour Cook-a-Thon: Top 10 Facts You Must Know

In a world filled with impressive achievements, one individual has captured the attention of many with her extraordinary culinary feat.

Damilola Adeparusi, popularly known as Chef Dammy, has embarked on a groundbreaking 120-hour cook-a-thon, captivating audiences with her passion and determination.

Chef Dammy's Remarkable 120-Hour Cook-a-Thon: Top 10 Facts You Must Know

The top 10 facts you need to know about #ChefDammy and her ongoing cooking marathon.

  1. Damilola Adeparusi: Hailing from Ekiti state, she is the driving force behind the #ChefDammy brand. This ambitious young woman has not only made a name for herself in the culinary world but is also an accomplished poet, songwriter, editor and the CEO of JetPay Universe—an online kitchen.
  2. Academic Pursuits: Damilola is a penultimate Mass Communication undergraduate from the Federal University of Oye (FUOYE), located in Ekiti state, Nigeria. Her diverse range of interests and academic pursuits contributes to her multi-faceted approach to cooking.
  3. The 120-Hour Cook-a-Thon: Following in the footsteps of Hilda Baci’s 100 Hours Dream, Damilola began her 120-hour cook-a-thon on June 9, 24 days after Hilda’s feat. This extended cooking marathon showcases her endurance and unwavering commitment to her craft.
  4. Surpassing Previous Records: Upon successfully completing her 120-hour cook-a-thon, #ChefDammy will have cooked for 20 hours more than Hilda Baci and an impressive 33 hours more than Indian chef Lata Tondon. Her dedication and perseverance are truly remarkable.
  5. Sponsorship and Support: The #ChefDammy cook-a-thon is proudly sponsored by Spirit Word Global Mission (Spirit Word Movement Global), an organization that recognizes her talents and supports her endeavors. Members of this organization testify to her incredible culinary skills and she enjoys the backing of her pastor.
  6. Representing the #Naija Spirit: Damilola’s extraordinary achievement has garnered widespread praise for embodying the true spirit of Nigeria. She has accomplished this feat without the advantages of a privileged background, advanced working tools, or a sophisticated working environment. Her tenacity is an inspiration to all.
  7. Cook-a-Thon Location: The impressive cooking marathon is taking place on the FUOYE-JUPEB road in Oye, Ekiti state. This setting provides a glimpse into Damilola’s world as she demonstrates her culinary prowess.
  8. Critics and Supporters: As with any groundbreaking achievement, #ChefDammy has faced criticism from some Nigerians who question her decision to proceed without waiting for official confirmation from the Guinness World Records (GWR) team regarding Hilda Baci’s record. However, others argue that the sky is vast, and Hilda’s accomplishment has opened doors for others, putting Nigeria in the global spotlight.
  9. Putting Nigeria on the Map: Damilola’s milestone dream has captured the attention of both national and international audiences. Her culinary journey showcases the immense talent present in Nigeria, making waves in the global culinary community.
  10. Milestone Completion: #ChefDammy’s incredible 120-hour cook-a-thon is anticipated to reach its culmination on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. This date will mark the completion of her remarkable achievement, solidifying her place in culinary history.

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