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Checkout These Cost-Free Ways To Promote Your Small Business On WhatsApp

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See Checkout Cost-Free Ways To Promote Your Small Business on WhatsApp


Social Media platforms have generally transformed the way we spread information, and for our small businesses this would mean adopting in order to promote your small business. WhatsApp, on the other hand, which is one of the world most used applications, is one of the most used to promote your small business. With the invitation made by WhatsApp to business organizations in the past years, it has extended to just more than an end to end conversation medium. Now, it is used by most business owners and should be a way you could promote your small business.

With respect to this information, I would like to show you some recommended ways you can promote your small business on WhatsApp.


If you specialize in making products and other services, a major way to promote your small business is by creating or joining groups that may relate to the services you offer. By doing this, you increase your products reach and very soon you might just start getting customers. One easy method I would recommend you use to promote your small business is by creating videos or little commercials that talks about your product and share on such groups. By taking this action, you get more customers to learn about your goods and as a result, members of the group might be moved to share it on their status or with other friends. This method is what I personally use and recommend to any small business owner to maximize profits.


Another amazing way to promote your small business on WhatsApp, is by displaying your goods on your status so that your friends and also members of the public who may have had your contact can see it. Even if they’re not interested in using it now, by showing that you promote your small business on your WhatsApp, you can be the one in their mind when the need for such services arrive.


By thinking about possible questions that might be in the minds of your customers and answering them, you could just on your way to satisfying your customers. For instance, if you are into sales of phone and other gadgets, you could answer questions such as ; ‘How long does the battery of this phone lasts?’, ‘How sharp is the camera?’. Giving answers to questions such as these may just improve the way the public or contacts view your goods and may increase the number of people who might be interested in it.

PROMOTE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS — Join Forces With Other Brands and Influencers

Yes, ever heard of complementary goods? These are products that complement each other. For instance, if you sell phones, you could collaborate with a battery or a screen guard marketer so as to get affiliate returns when you sell the battery. Or you could also negotiate with the phone battery seller for you guys to post each other commercial videos on your respective platforms. By doing this, you expand the number of group you belong and also become a big name in the industry. This is because if you do not get buyers from the other groups, you could be recommended by them on WhatsApp.


Whatever you may be marketing, be it skin care products, home care product, you could make a video to introduce to your group how to use the products. They may include how tos, history and make of the products and many more do it yourself installation processes. Another way in which the customer care support can be useful is by providing live video assistance to provide guidance on what to do and what not to do with the products. This action taken by you would not only promote your small business and that your business is here to stay and can be relied upon even when the need of extended services come up.

PROMOTE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS — Face to Face Communication

As you try to expand your reach to other groups, you need to create a person to person relationship between you and your customers. This aspect is very crucial especially for small businesses because when you develop a personal relationship with your customers they may feel relaxed when purchasing stuffs from you. When they know that every question they have about your product will be answered when they message you, they would be willing to buy.

PROMOTE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS — Encourage Them To Use Your Promo Codes

Encouraging your customers to use your promo codes would enable is a great way of getting a little revenue in your pockets. WhatsApp allows you to share your promo code which in turn, would enable buyers to promote your small business. WhatsApp has made things easier, with only a photo and your location, you could let your contact know what sort of promo you’re running.

Within just a couple of hours, you could be surprised about the kind of cash you could make.

This method is solely dependent on the way you interact with your groups.


Another amazing way to promote your small business reach is by engaging your audience in games or questions and answers in reward for a giveaway. This giveaway may not be necessarily money or cash, you could give the winner a product of yours to use. Although this might sound risky, but trust me it’s one of the ways you can use to promote your small business to the public. Many big businesses you know of now used this method before being recognized by others.


Many smart phone users even in this century do not know that you can make money by using Whatsapp. One thing about this is that you’ll need to have a great number of audience to achieve this. As a small business owner you need to actively exchange thought with your customers. This means that you need to always allow them speak their mind, seek for areas of improvement and produce live help sessions. To really earn good bucks for yourself, you need to constantly look towards expanding your audiences so that you’ll be able to increase your network and as a result, give you opportunities to make more money.

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