Can anything good come from Benue – Architect Nguvan

Can anything good come from Benue – Architect Nguvan Godeymysyd Kyenge exclaims.

Grrrrrrrh My phone rang and I picked the call
Please is this the Mindsetseries ?
Yes it is how may we help you sir?
We are a school in Port Harcourt and would Please like you to train some of our students on Leadership, we know you are not based here but we have been following your works and know you can do it. so may we know your address in Abuja?
Abuja? No I am not in Abuja , I am in Benue. BENUE? Really ? How come? That’s strange , are such things in Benue? and that’s how question upon questions followed …. we finally get the job and deliver beyond expectations.
The other day I was a resource person at another event and afterwards a professor in the audience jokingly said I do not fit into Benue he will take me to Ibadan where intellectuals are valued and encouraged to be thier best.
We laughed it off and went our separate ways
Again, some distant time back I was involved in some bussiness and was adviced not to say I am from Benue else I will loose the contract , but somehow I found myself saying the truth and guess what I didn’t loose the job, what mattered was the delivery or not right?.
I know many Entreprenurs here can relate to this.
I am proudly Benue and I keep telling all who care to listen it’s about who you are , if where you are is not happening then make it happen! it’s all in your mindset.
Do not let your God given Geographical location limit you, you can choose to rise above that, you are here for a reason, Dont look down on you, Dont let people who do not value what is in you make you feel worthless, be consistent, be intentional and trigger your Growth….
Having said that , I want to reinstate that a lot of Good things and Talents are in BENUE.
Under the most unkind and stressful economically harsh conditions Entreprenurs here are striving and making thier vocation count , imagine what they will be in better bussiness Climates.
I also remember in the last regime I made a bussiness proposal to a politician here , I offered a very simple but efficient solution that equally could have cost less but he bluntly told me he was hiring some experts from Lagos to handle same for him … in my mind I was like wow so even if not me , “Experts” no dey Benue wey vote you into office abi?
My people,let us value, support and encourage our own, stop looking down on your people and thier potentials, stop thinking if the brain comes from Abuja or lagos or any big city it will be superior, they look superior cos thier people made them look superior.
if it is capacity , those people you think have capacity got it because someone believed in them enough to take a risk on them when they were nothing and nowhere, patronized them until they were able to build capacity, So help build your people too.
If the people of Benue don’t grow Benue then who will? If you don’t groom your people who will?
And to you striving to do something
Stop looking down on yourself because you live here , be the best of yourself and the world will find you!
Let people start knowing that if you want the BEST HANDS, you need to come to BENUE ,COS RIGHT ABOUT NOW ITS BENUE TO THE WORLD!!!
See you @ the top !
Nguvan kyenge@The MindSet Series

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