Benue’s Od Woods and Afrobeats Icon 2Baba meet

Benue's Od Woods and Afrobeats Icon 2Baba meet

Music has an extraordinary ability to bring people together, breaking boundaries and transcending cultures. When two talented artists meet, magic can happen. Such is the case with the meeting between Benue’s top singer Od Woods and the legendary afrobeats icon 2Baba.

Hailing from Benue, Od Woods has steadily risen to prominence in the music industry. Known for his captivating voice and versatility, he has become a sought-after artist in the afrobeats genre.

With chart-topping hits like Go Below, Kwagh Wam Featuring Noobvee, Od Woods has proven his ability to create melodies and memorable hooks. His distinctive sound blends contemporary beats with traditional African rhythms, showcasing his deep connection to his roots.

2Baba Mesmerizes Crowd at Benue State Inauguration Dinner

In the realm of Nigerian music, 2Baba needs no introduction. Formerly known as 2face Idibia, he has left an indelible mark on the industry and is regarded as one of its pioneers. With a career spanning decades, 2Baba’s contributions to afrobeats are immeasurable. From his breakout hit “African Queen” to timeless classics like “Implication,” he has consistently delivered music that resonates with millions worldwide. Known for his soulful voice, thought-provoking lyrics and remarkable stage presence, 2Baba’s impact is unmatched.

Od Woods released full list of artist performing at Made in Benue 2021 featuring Terry G, Magnito, Sugar Boy, Atela, Jumabee, MC Smart, Slim Birdie, JJ Debusta, Aj Natives, Rapizo, Pastor Nicodemus, Or Trees, Noobvee, Lady Pesh and so many more

The news of Od Woods and 2Baba’s meeting has sparked excitement among fans and industry insiders alike. These two powerhouses of Nigerian music coming together shows the collaborative spirit and creative energy that drives the industry. While both artists have distinct styles, their shared passion for music is sure to forge a remarkable connection.

Benue's Od Woods and Afrobeats Icon 2Baba meet

The meeting between Od Woods, Noobvee and 2Baba holds immense potential for a groundbreaking musical collaboration. Their combined talents, artistic sensibilities and extensive experience can create an enchanting fusion of sounds. Fans can expect a harmonious blend of Od Woods’ infectious rhythms, Noobvee’s rap and 2Baba’s soulful melodies, resulting in an extraordinary musical experience.

Od Woods is also the founder, convener and headliner of the Made in Benue all White Party

This collaboration has the power to redefine the boundaries of Nigerian music and make waves internationally. It has the potential to introduce Od Woods to a broader audience while reaffirming 2Baba’s legendary status. Moreover, it showcases the richness and diversity of Nigerian music, highlighting the talent that emanates from different regions of the country. The coming together of Benue’s top singer Od Woods and afrobeats legend 2Baba represents a milestone in Nigerian music.

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