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My name is Tor Dominic Terhide also known as tWMF the word made flesh.I come from Benue and from the family of Tor late captain Tor Andi.I was born 1999/27/November.
We are four in our family which is my dad,mum brother and me.I started schooling at the age of 2 and I got my primary school certificate in the year 2011 at heritage Academy and also graduated at St John’s day secondary school Gboko where I wrote and got my SSCE and NECO and currently a student of federal university of Agriculture mkd.

EARLY LIFE-–I started music when I was 9yrs old when I was in primary school.My social life and environment really spoke to me as a kid,I loved music and I could also sing and rap.
My mum and dad loved music too and they played some at home,so I listened attentively and even at school music was around me because l learned it in school as a subject.
When I was in jss3 in secondary school I was given an Award for being the best rapper in school. While growing up I also loved playing the keyboard so I had a teacher

MUSICAL CAREER–I don’t just do music because I can or I want too,I do it for the love ,passion,the life(spiritual) and the information it gives.I officially started music in 2014 and in 2019 January, me and my family sat and discussed about it and doing it at the peak and I also asked for their full support and Blessings to do music professionally and my dad and mum gave me their word (yes)and with every support the can give.

MUSICAL INFLUENCE–while growing up I grew up around music,listening to Gospel musicians and others making good music namely,Da Hebraw,Nutty Josh,Spokesman,lacrea,KB,Westlife,Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson……..
All the arts inspired and influenced me alot in becoming an Artist..
Currently Da Hebrew is my mentor and senior pastor of my Church.He shows me love and support and Da Hebrew is the senior pastor of New Anointing Ministries,The Citadel.

I just released a new sojg titled S.A.F.E and I would want you to download tWMF-Safe here.

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