Nigerian musician Atela call out Benue entertainers for being lazy

One of the most populous nations in Africa, Nigeria, boasts a thriving and dynamic music scene. The Nigerian music scene has developed into a center for creativity and invention as a result of artists from many parts of the nation presenting their distinctive styles and sounds. Atela, a musician from Nigeria, recently criticized Benue entertainers for being lazy.

Atela, a talent in the Nigerian music scene, recently criticized Benue state entertainers on Facebook for their lack of originality and inventiveness. Many of them, he claimed, were not serious as their social media pages do not showcase their craft well enough. He warned them not to be Lazy and entitled.

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Francis Atela asserts that Benue state’s entertainment sector has great potential, but development is being constrained by a lack of enthusiasm on the part of its participants. He thinks that the state’s performers ought to concentrate on using social media to display their talents.

Both fans and other musicians have reacted strongly to his remarks. While some have praised him for speaking out and promoting creativity, others have criticized him for being overly harsh and generalizing about all the entertainers in Benue.

Regardless of the responses, Atela’s remarks bring attention to a more serious problem in the Nigerian music industry. Entertainment professionals must push the envelope and put themselves on display as the industry becomes increasingly competitive.

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    • Go out hustle and push ur dreams even the bible say heaven help those who help themselves ola of Lagos started as cleaner in lekki malex beteboi started as a security guard u can start anywhere

  • That’s just the simple truth most Benue entertainals believe one day a Savior will come without them putting in some effort to meet the savior bravo to atela this is not just a note it’s a challenge stand up oooh great talent

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