[Album] Opportunity Nwa Mbada – Amapiano Vibes

We are delighted to present the highly anticipated debut album, “Amapiano Vibes,” by the exceptional artist Opportunity Nwa Mbada, also known as Mr 1 Billion. Renowned for his chart-topping track “Early MoMo,” Opportunity Nwa Mbada has consistently delivered an impressive collection of songs that have resonated with his devoted fanbase. This remarkable album shows his artistry and is inspired by sounds of amapiano.

Featuring a total of seven tracks, “Amapiano Vibes” showcases Opportunity Nwa Mbada’s immense talent alongside notable collaborators. Joining him on this musical journey are label mate Hman Swaqx, the captivating Lady Pesh and the incredibly talented Xerxes, each adding their unique flair to the album’s offerings.

Every song on the album, including the thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies, is meticulously crafted by Opportunity Nwa Mbada himself. However, he graciously welcomes the verses contributed by the featured artists, further enriching the album’s diverse sonic landscape.

To ensure exceptional production quality, the majority of the album’s tracks were expertly produced by “Baba Slowingz” of BSM, recognized for his incredible contributions to the music industry. Notably, Tracks 4 and 7 were skillfully produced by the talented Joe Waxy, adding a distinct touch to the overall album experience.

Recordings for “Amapiano Vibes” were meticulously handled by the renowned record maker, Kizz Alex, known for his exceptional audio engineering skills. His expertise guarantees a polished and immersive sonic experience for listeners.

The album’s mixing and mastering were expertly executed by Gangalee, ensuring a balanced and captivating sound that accentuates each song’s unique characteristics. In addition, the graphics creative design for the album was skillfully crafted by the talented Mr. Boycute, adding a visually captivating element to the overall presentation.

Opportunity Nwa Mbada – Amapiano Vibes

  1. DOWNLOAD TRACK  1 – Opportunity Nwa Mbada – Battle Field
  2. DOWNLOAD TRACK 2 – Opportunity Nwa Mbada – Alart
  3. DOWNLOAD TRACK 3 – Opportunity Nwa Mbada – My Matter
  4. DOWNLOAD TRACK  4.. Opportunity Nwa Mbada – We Gather Dey Feat. Xerxes
  5. DOWNLOAD TRACK 5.. Opportunity Nwa Mbada –  Zan Zan Feat. Hman Swaqx
  6. DOWNLOAD TRACK 6.. Opportunity Nwa Mbada – Bunie Ya Feat. Lady Pesh
  7. DOWNLOAD TRACK 7.. Opportunity Nwa Mbada – Bad Guyz

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