The Rise of Afro-Drill: Meet the Middle Belt Drill/Grime Music Pioneer NEMZNOPROBLEM

Nemznoproblem is a hiphop beast to watch out for in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of music, there’s a new genre that’s been making waves recently and it goes by the name Afro-Drill. A fusion of influences from the UK and Chicago drill scenes, Afro-Drill is quickly becoming the musical flavor of the moment, with one artist at the forefront of this movement in Nigeria: NEMZNOPROBLEM.

The Beginning of a Pioneer

Hailing from the heart of Nigeria, Benue, NEMZNOPROBLEM embarked on a musical journey that would eventually lead him to pioneer a genre. It’s worth noting that when he first introduced the concept of drill music to his hometown, it was met with skepticism and little interest from the locals. However, NEMZNOPROBLEM was determined to make his mark.

The Rise of Afro-Drill: Meet the Middle Belt Drill/Grime Music Pioneer NEMZNOPROBLEM


NEMZNOPROBLEM, also known as ORIGINALBLACKBWOY, is a versatile artist who is quickly rising to prominence in the world of music. Born in the streets of Otukpo (OT) and raised in Benue and Abuja, Nigeria, he has been immersed in the diverse musical culture of the country since a young age.

A Love for Drill and Grime

NEMZNOPROBLEM’s love for the drill and grime music genre began at a tender age. His passion for this unique style of music led him to record his very first single, “My Girl,” in November 2020. However, his journey into music started even earlier when he collaborated on a track with a schoolmate back in 2016. It was these experiences that paved the way for him to become a pioneer in the Afro-Drill movement.

The Birth of AFRODRILL

NEMZNOPROBLEM’s journey wasn’t just about emulating existing drill music. He sought to create something unique and innovative. Recognizing his own uniqueness, he decided to merge his Afro style with the drill music that inspired him. This fusion gave birth to a new genre of music – AFRODRILL.

The Rise of Afro-Drill: Meet the Middle Belt Drill/Grime Music Pioneer NEMZNOPROBLEM

Setting Ambitious Goals

With AFRODRILL in hand, NEMZNOPROBLEM set out on a mission to elevate this music scene to new heights. He’s not content with it remaining a niche. Instead, he’s determined to make Afro-Drill and drill music an integral part of the global music scene, breaking boundaries and earning the recognition it deserves.

A Destiny of Greatness

The journey of NEMZNOPROBLEM, the middle belt drill/grime music pioneer, is an inspiring one. His unwavering dedication, innovative thinking and the creation of AFRODRILL demonstrate an artist destined for greatness. As he continues to push the boundaries of music and strive for mainstream recognition, one thing is certain – NEMZNOPROBLEM’s future in the music industry looks bright, and a trophy of success is on the horizon 🏆.

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