A Father’s address to his under graduate child by Onwe Zacks-elvis


My child, if there is anything worth achieving at this level then it is good and quality education not just certificates. This is because education will give you the leverage to think for yourself,applying classroom theories.

It is true that there are thousands of graduates yearly from the numerous tertiary institutions in the country which the government can barely carter for in terms of employment but this should in no case, be an issue to you my child because if you follow your classroom principles you will become an employer at the stage when others are seeking for employment.

You are in school to gain knowledge and graduate at the specified time,never allow anything jeopardize your stay in school.
As you work towards achieving a successful academic career,you will meet different classes of people; those with so much wealth living extravagantly and those with very little trying to meet up to a standard,never allow any deceive you into actions that may take away your joy in the nearest future.
Do not be moved by the extravagance of some students rather let your background spur you into the directions of achieving success and becoming a transformation to your world.

Like I always tell you,most of the great men whose names are boldly in the sands of time are those who understand true education and not just putting their trust on what their society could do for them rather they searched for the thing which they could do for their societies by this they met needs providing the necessities of people and in the process their own needs were met.

As a student you may have a lot of wants but I promise to always meet up with your needs.
Many responsibilities awaits you as an undergraduate therefore, always try to balance your activities with the available time.

Don’t allow the calibers of people you meet out there to intimidate you rather be motivated by your background and quest for success always bearing in mind that “If you put a small value on yourself,rest assured that the world will not raise your price”

More so my dear child,be mindful of the friends you keep and the language you speak as these can either make you or mar you. Never take anyone for granted as human capital investment is very essential.

Many have said there is no God so they have left their place of purpose and have lost their essence in life, live in reference of God knowing that for every action there is an equal reaction.

Many call it freedom when they are away from their parents/guidance so they get to do things without restrictions, my child I don’t want you to be ignorant of the fact that freedom is not doing what you like but the abilities to take responsibilities. It is also being able to think for yourself and applying the right decisions.

As you acquire the best of grades,know that the grades do not define you but your mentality towards it does therefore never see yourself as superior above any person or think of yourself as inferior rather give everyone the respect they all deserve.

Unto every family there is a bridge with which thy hope to move on to their promise land, most of the students you will be meeting in school their bridge had been built by their great grandparents but you my child, you are the bridge through which our family is hoping to cross through much so I urge you to be focused,devoted to your study so as to graduate at the specified time.

Do not allow the system of education in our country to corrupt you in to its slaves..
“A cheerful heart doeth good like medicine” always be of a cheerful heart infecting others with it.
Be of a good courage my child.

Composed by Zacks Elvis.

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