[Lyrics] Zeek – Next Big Thing

Zeek - Next Big Thing

Zeek  Next Big Thing lyrics.

Verse 1
Cut the crap,the game is getting real. I’m about to show all these rappers levels they’ve never seen.
I come in peace oga, but you might find me kind of threatening. But that is if you’re aiming for the top,cause that’s my property…. you’re feeling me,aiit?
Now I’m just tryna ease my mind a bit.
Or rather,ease our minds, pointing clearly what is meant to be
Cause too many rappers crave to be GOATs,
I’m watching, I’m on a low,
Cause I’m boiling,and when I’m done you’ll have to go.
Introduction hey,
They call him Z-E-E and -K
The guy who kills the beats and the rhythm,and lyrics anyway.(swear)
If you don’t like me, you’re a weenie, and have a silly taste
Or maybe you’ve got feelings I’m coming to throw you off the stage.(well)
If that’s your case, you’re on a safer side
Cause you do know, I’m good enough to snatch away that your mic.
So we won’t have to battle,homie, there’ll be no need to fight
Cause when the time is right, you’ll tell the crowd your dad has arrived.

Zaddy- call me pa,man, you know what I mean
Zaddy- put aside all the fame and the cheese
Zaddy- with the flows ‘pon the beats,I’m your Chief
Zaddy- show respect to the next big thing (×2)

Are you scared??
There is no need to be, the sky is big enough for all stars to shine
But eventually, you’ll see, Zeek is that yellow guy who keeps the day all to himself, so not to blind you at night (aiit?)
Now I’m not faking, man, this thing is my life
There’s one way I know to do it, and that way is the right
Don’t let your cunning followers go trick you into a fight.
You tell them “homie that is Zeek. Why don’t you stand up and fight?”
Does anybody wanna test me?(oh no!)
Anyone who thinks I’m not interesting?(oh no!)
If you can’t keep it real, then brother why are you here please?(don’t know!)
Leave the game to me, I beg, no vex me (go home!)
Cause you know, Zeek is coming up with big things
To make the world stand still
Like I’m covid 19.
Greatness guaranteed,my brother. I’m not trying to brag.
The future’s clear for me to see, no ‘que Sera Sera’

So it’s clear to see, I’m a miracle
Call me lyrical kirikou
Been doing this from Mama’s womb, it’s wonderful.
Verily verily, man I say to you
I’m taking rappers back to school
They’ve got to learn a thing or two….some principles.
‘Cause y’all focused on making cheese for your pills and weed
Got no problem with it, just show respect to me.
Cause you’re single phased, and I’m general.
I’m Hennessy, you’re mineral.
You’re state government, I’m Federal….e.t.c…e.t.c.


Any questions??

Now don’t you say I sound like ‘vector’ or ‘M’….I sound like Zeek (real Zeek,thats me….)
You think so, probably because I bring to mind all of the best you have heard. my nigga, cheers….
And don’t freeze, call me…..

Zaddy- call me pa, man, you know what I mean
Zaddy- put aside all the fame and the cheese
Zaddy- with the flows pon the beats, I’m your Chief
Zaddy- show respect to the next big thing (×2)



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