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Angel Henry has a release of the new sound ‘Money’. Money is said to be the 15th track in the forthcoming elevation album of 100 tracks, and track 1 of the volume 1 (Elevation I). Despite being delayed by court case charges ( for murder, Angel Henry still made the sound available.

Money is a party song recorded after Angel Henry confirmed that he was signed to an American record label ‘Blue pie Records‘ worth about $30 million United States on streams and profit share. (The song is based on reality)
Angel Henry is rumoured to have been in talks with Sony music entertainment for am undisclosed amount but close to $200,000 paid deal is what the artist will accept at minimum.
Angel Henry still lets out songs from his reverbnation music ( profile where he had bounced on several ranks from top in AbujaCanadaChicago, and in New York (Rank 1 – 12). The song is budgeted at NGN 1 million including the video which Angel Henry is planning to make his first promotional music video (Estimated to $3000 United States).
His songs will be available on more streaming applications with time. The elevation with songs as ‘Urban lifeTap outPopularBlasphemyTrainingChocolate Tripping,  and Biography can be found here:
uh huh
I got money I got the juice
I got money I got the juice X 2
verse 1
when am in the club with the juice
lift me up with the juice
All my clique got the juice
the clothing I’ll be wearing is the juice
money in the bah with the juice
All the ladies feel me with the groove
house is built on the rock is the groove
love audition for a wife be the groove
my golf chain got the Benji’s is a groove
My diamond sneakers is a groove
I got money I got the juice
I got money I got the juice X 2
Verse 2
Touch my statue and feel the juice
Ill be on your radio am the juice
Your credit card is charged for my juice
The wine is  more toxic with my juice
I’ve an old coin of my country is a juice
Wnet to a party with helicopter to groove
Got a new Rolls-Royce for the groove
I got paid for a Kia brand, that’s a groove
Signing million bills check is a groove
Dinner party on my bed worth miili is a groove
I got money I got the juice
I got money I got the juice X 2

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