INTERVIEW: An Inside View With Lady Pesh

On a cool breezy morning we linked up with star girl Lady Pesh of Gizoh Blanks entertainment !!!
As fresh, classy and cool as she is, our reporter JTwarrior linked up with the queen of the streets as she’s fondly called and we bring to you live all that went down straight from North Central, Nigeria!!
JT: Can we meet you ma’am
Lady Pesh: Yeah i am Oryina Patience aka Lady Pesh

JT: It’s an honor having you on the platform!!!

Lady Pesh: My pleasure

JT: The covid19 pandemic has forced us all into lockdown, how is the music going in this period

Lady Pesh: Very well,but it’s still sad that we can’t go around anymore ☹️ but then as an artist I use this time to work on new projects and also see how I can move forward

JT: Sounds very positive!!
On moving forward and new projects, any news for your ever growing teaming fan base?

Lady Pesh:  Yeah so far I have a very supportive fan base, you know people who are always ready to support not minding weather they are gaining or losing I have the likes of Mr Success, CEO Gizoh Blanks entertainment, Bloggers, OAP’s, Inq boi, Sir Jeremiah Avungu,and lots more and am really grateful🙏 for that

JT: Ever since your emergence in the music industry, you’ve been nothing but pure fire.. Tell us, what is your motivation

Lady Pesh: Oh well it’s been God all the way
And also my environment which is very inspiring

JT: Sounds super cool!!
So what will you say has been your biggest performance so far

Lady Pesh: My biggest performance so far was in plateau State

JT: Yea.. We heard all the buzz you created at the event with your energetic performance!!
What was the feeling like?

Lady Pesh: Mmmh,really great!! the crowd loved me and sang along with me you know that moment i was feeling like a god😁

JT: Yes, a lot of your fans call you the lyrical goddess.. Don’t you agree you are a god in the game in this part of the world??

Lady Pesh: Hahaha those are titles they give based on how they feel about me and my music and I totally take it

JT: Amazing.. So, I’ve personally been following your music for some time now, with so many street anthems; what genre of music would you say you do.

Lady Pesh: Afro pop, But i love exploring and am versatile so I do all genres of music

JT: Your fans reached out to me a couple of times and they literally wanted to know how you chill!! Can you give us an insight

Lady Pesh: Ok,
Aside music I love swimming and dancing so most times when I want to relax my head and think of new ideas these are the two things I do

JT: Fabulous!!
A reliable source told us you spend more time at the studio than at home this days, is it the effects of the lockdown or you enjoy working that much

Lady Pesh: I have also loved the studio vibe and I don’t want to miss it so apart from the lockdown the studio has always been my bestie

JT: I see, Though we know the list is long, but can you mention a few (names) of the producers you have worked with


Lady Pesh: Ok so far I’ve worked with

. Charles Creation
. Double G

. Mozanger

. Master Franzy
.Inq boi
.Baba slowingz
.Mike Magix
.G bling
.Jeo Waxy
.IG beats
. Kasey de young pro And more……..

JT: I hope to make that list when i venture into music production

Lady Pesh: Yea, Nothing is impossible!!

JT: But that’s a long list, no wonder they say you got street credibility!!

Let us into your, relationships, background etc, in a no holds bar context

Lady Pesh: I’m the third child in a family of six was born on the 15th January early 2000 to the family of Mr/Mrs Gabriel Oryina Ayiman

My father Gabriel Oryina Ayiman was a traditional singer and a politician while my mum Mrs Evelyn Oryina was a trader.

I have two sisters (Juliet and Cynthia) and one brother who is the first child Mr Frederick aka Mr Success

JT: This is deep.. So you did not only follow your father’s foot steps as a singer but took the music nationally.. So what’s the dream, where do you see yourself in the next 4-5 years musically

Lady Pesh: By the grace of God I see my self touring the world with my gift and my songs on every person’s lips and playlist, that’s why i am always working

JT: Awesome, the dream shall come true going by how hard I see you working

Lady Pesh: Amen

JT: Towards the tail end of 2019, we learnt you got a record deal.. Can you give us a little insight on it

Lady Pesh: Ok yeah
I am currently with Gizoh Blanks Entertainment

Gizoh Blanks Entertainment

JT: Great… So what would you say has been your biggest record so far

Lady Pesh: Ok, This is a tricky one but I’d say my biggest record so far is TELL DEM
Produced by Baba Slowingz
it is a song which talks about my zeal for music and even though some people want me down I will still be up.

JT: I love your vibe!!.. Every song sounds like you put your soul into it.. How do you do that

Lady Pesh: I’m from a street full of drama and inspiring happenings, hence I learn from every situation am in and with music in me I am able to put out every detail in my lyrics

JT: That’s amazing.. Any last words for your fans

Lady Pesh: I first of all want say thank you to everyone
And also advise we choose wisely in everything we do because it’s not every mistake that can be corrected
Thank you and I love you all❤️


Below are a some unreleased songs by the queen of the streets Lady Pesh




DOWNLOAD Dance ft Mr Success










DOWNLOAD Painful Matters


DOWNLOAD Show Your Talent




DOWNLOAD Worldwide

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