3 Things You Should Do As An UpComing Artist After Recording Your New Single

If this was a class, I know some of you would say ‘PROMOTE IT!! This is true but that’s not the first 3 things to be done. So without much talk, let me tell you what needs to be done.

1. DON’T PLAY IT FOR YOUR FRIENDS TO JUDGE. As an Artiste, it’s important you understand that there’s a fine line between those who KNOWS and those who think they KNOW. Your friends and family likes you and they would be biased when oh hear your song. & No matter how wack or good it is, they will tell you it’s DOPE. so they’re not a good auditor of your music.
You as an artiste should have a List of DJs, Professionals, Quality Artistes, Producers & Mentors who understand you & who you trust their judgement. Send the song to them for review, it will open your eyes MORE to adjustments.
2. REWORK on the SONG to the BEST. Less i forgot, the people you sent the song to initially must not be more than 15 no matter what or else is as good as u have released it.
After the review, do the needful to make it TOP NOTCH.
And please no matter how you retouch the song, make sure you LOVE the song. As an upcoming artiste/Entertainer A lot of the promotion depends on you, so if you don’t love the song yourself it won’t go ANYWHERE.
3. Finally, DO A GREAT ARTWORK. Please in the name of God, pay for a good artwork. Don’t manage a nonsense artwork, it will rubbish all the effort you’ve put in.
Make sure the Artwork is well detailed about your name, image, title of the song, social media handles & if possible, Your record label/Management.
After all this 3 is done, we can now move to the PROMOTION aspect. That is definitely one for another day. For Your Promotion hit us up via WhatsApp 2.
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