[Gist] Open letter to Benue entertainers by EMS

I am just but an entertainer in my small town called Benue and I am trying my best to put my city on the map just like everyone of you out there is doing.
I started this beautiful journey since November 11, 2011 (I know most of yall started it longer than me) but it wouldn’t be out of place to say i have through hardwork and the grace of God and all of the people who support me, been able to write my name in permanent ink in the book of Benue entertainment.
People have been trying to bring me down same way others have tried and are still trying to lift me up.
I have seen things in this industry. Hate,envy,love,tribalism and outright wickedness to mention but a few.. But as they say, gold fishes have no hiding place, we have steadily been moving and shining.
My fellow entertainers would testify that I have tried in every way possible to help us grow. I have jumped on features with even SS1 artists, paid for studio sessions for most, helped intervene in entertainment issues and performed for free most times to keep the Benue dream alive. I know most of you too have been doing it for others. I remember one time when i was still a producer, i recorded an artist, late into the night and I had to take him home to his mom and beg his sister to talk to the mum not to scold him.. (He is now an awesome photographer tho) these and many more selfless sacrifices i have been doing for years!
But people!! Our people would still find reasons to hate..
Benue entertainment is very big and I am proud to say i come from the state with the most hardworking set of artist that believe in their dreams even with no support at all.
We are outstanding and talented. We represent well.
Why am I writing this long story?
Lately, I have seen posts condemning Benue artists by people from Benue saying we are proud, we no go blow bla bla bla. I just want to tell and encourage each and every one of us that, THEIR OWN NA PLAY! HEAVY PLAY!
Oh we are now proud because we dress nice and demand to be paid for our services? We are now proud because we refuse to be looked down on? We are now proud because we say no and stick to it when our demands are not met? We are now proud because we fresh and we know it?
So they go about saying we wouldn’t make it and you want to believe them? Tufiakwa!
And it is always the people who have nothing to offer us to help us blow that always say thism
Buy ticket for show sef they wouldn’t buy.
Buy song they wouldn’t buy.
But because MTN has given them 100MB they come on social media to ridicule us?
Ridicule all the hardwork we put into our crafts?
I beg you all my fellow entertainers to stay focused and solid! Do not waver in times like this!! Focus on your hustle, hold God or anything you believe in well!
People will always talk and throw stones at us but let us use those stones and build mansion then invite them to come dine with us when we finally make it.
We will all make it if we continue this way. This way of working hard and using social media to our advantage.
The blow is certain! Na time we never know yet!!
So when anyone who doesn’t know your struggle comes to talk down on you, never think it twice! Block the bad energy and keep moving!!
I am small yes but God has found me worthy enough to bless me and also make others look upon me with respect to! And i say without fear that BENUE ENTERTAINMENT WILL TAKE OVER SOON!!
Ikyobo Daniels
Emperor Swagz

Photo Credit – Andy of Levelz shot.

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