Top 17 fast rising artist Benue state needs to invest into their careers


The top 17 fast-rising artist Benue state needs to invest into their careers for them to Penetrate the ever-competitive music industry in Lagos.

The music industry in Benue state has suffered neglect for so many years. The Benue state government does not see it as a lucrative business to invest into. This has been a major setback to the growth of the music industry around here. Talented artists have been left to their fate. They do menial jobs to raise up funds to invest into their music careers with no or little financial support to forge ahead. The current music industry in Nigeria is very competitive. Talent is not enough to break into the music industry. When 2 Baba broke out into the music industry, Kennis Music invested heavily in the career of 2 Baba. This helped 2 Baba to become an established brand in the Nigerian music industry till date. Investors need to invest into more music artists from Benue state so that we can have more representatives in the music industry at the national level. When this is considered, so many artist will not end up depressed, frustrated and bitter about coming from Benue state. Younger ones will see music as a very lucrative business they can always venture into. This will also go a long way in reducing drug addiction, cultism and idleness in Benue state.

Based on statistics from Bonezworld, these are some of the artists that Benue state needs to invest into:

Berri Tiga

1.  Berri-Tiga with real name Agada Blessed Obotu was born in Benue state, Nigeria. He started his musical journey in 2016 but went professional in 2021 after he had attended French Village International college in Badagry.

Berri Tiga started music in 2016 by remaking popular songs as a cover and then uploading them on social media.

After the success of Machala which is dedicated to Afrobeats legend Wizkid alongside comedian Carter Efe, Berri Tiga is back with a brand new song titled God. Berri Tiga is already taking over the airwaves.


JJ Debusta the fast rising artist that Must Blow “KEN KEN”

2. JJ Debusta: Since the inception of Bonezworld, JJ Debusta has remained the number one artist to date gaining the most downloads, streams and searches from Google on Bonezworld. His real name is Joseph Mlahaga. He is one artist that has achieved a lot at his stage in the ever-competitive music industry. In trying to raise funds to pursue his music career, he has gone into music production, video production and editing. He is very hard working and he has proven that if invested into, he will become a top artist in Africa/worldwide and not just Nigeria. He has released hit songs like Govanor, Ss3, Ken Ken, Gboko, grace, God dey, good loving, Ayega, ma mama and so many more too numerous to mention. He has proven times without number that he is able and capable to deliver any day and time.

Maps Styls song Amatuer goes viral in 24 hours as it over takes JJ Debusta and Too Prince

3. Maps Styls: Ijen Gandeoron Maps popularly known as Maps Styls is a very creative artist from Benue state. He is blessed with the voice of angel. He writes professionally and even when he sings in Tiv, people fall in love with him. He is loved by many. He released Amateur that became an instant hit in Benue state and middle belt at large. He is extremely talented but his major problem of breaking into the music industry is funds. If supported, Map Styls will be a global hit maker.

Bank Alert goes spiritual. Boldly calls on Tunde Ednut, Wizkid, Davido, Don Jazzy and Burna Boy

4. Bank Alert: Bank Alert with real name Kenneth James Achegbulu is an award winning artist to watch out for always. Since he broke into the music industry, he has proven times without number that he has a very bright future in the music industry. Bank Alert releases hits upon hits. He is loved by his fans. If supported with a record deal, Bank Alert will definitely become a global star. He has released hit songs like Hallelujah which became a street anthem, Bet9ja, peace of mind, Ache k’IDOMA (How una Dey), back to sender and so many more too numerous to mention.

Slim Birdie Biography

5. Slim Birdie: Vambeh Tersoo Stephen known professionally as Slim Birdie aka Aworrrda is a very talented artist from Benue state. He is one of the fastest growing artist that knows exactly what he wants. He is handsome, has a very unique voice, humble, God fearing and always ready to learn even under pressure. He is a Presenter at Benue TV. He is also a producer. He uses this as a side hustle to fund his music career. He is a graduate of Benue state university. He studied B.A theatre arts in the year 2018 and he completed his NYSC mandatory service in March, 2020. He has released hit songs like Doo, Sé and so many more too numerous to mention. He recently released his banging E. P titled “Told in voices” containing 6 solid hits.

Lady Pesh Autobiography

6. Lady Pesh: Oryina Patience known as Lady Pesh is an award winning artist from Benue state. She is one of the most celebrated and decorated artist from Benue state with prospects. She has jumped on songs along side Od Woods and Rapizo who are icons as far as Benue music is concerned. She has released hit songs like Dora, fresh and so many more too numerous to mention. Lady Pesh will become a global hit maker with her ragga kind of music if invested into properly.

Shime Ahua

7. Shime Ahua: Shimewuese Bethany Ahua known professionally as Shime Ahua is music herself. The first of four children, she is a pastors daughter and currently leads the choir at her church. She sings with a goal to help people understand God’s love for them. She says “my father taught me that the gospel is the love of God being communicated and I desire to show people that”. Her hit single “You and Me” which was released on the 15th of July 2017 has gained wide acceptance from people as far as Canada, USA, UK, Ghana, Malaysia and Nigeria. She calls her fashion and style Afrocentric ethnicity. If properly invested into and promoted by a competent record label, she will be on the same stage with the likes of Asa, Adele, Justin Bieber, Sinach, CeCe Winans and so many global stars.

Mr Lyriq

8. Mr Lyriq: After the release of “Hope Dey” refix, he has been receiving accolades from music lovers around the world. The award winning artist is gifted and talented. He knows the right words to say on songs. If properly invested into, he will become a global hit maker.


9. Posh:  Francis Terlumun Hemen known professionally as Posh is a fast rising artist with prospects. He is very talented and he is ready to show the world what he is made of in the entertainment industry. His E. P packed with so many hit songs tagged #Bolajithaep is slated to be released soon.

Demyh Jaga

10. Demyh Jaga: If Benue is not supposed to sleep on any artist then it should be Demyh Jaga. The Benue born knows exactly what the streets wants and he does not hesitate to give them hits back to back. He has released hit songs like Hustle and Hear This. He also featured on Bonezworld theme song where he delivered the chorus and one of the best verses. Demyh Jaga write lyrics like he is eating biscuits. His second name should be called music because he is too good. Sometimes we feel Benue does not deserve this talent because if he was from the Yorubas, he would have been picked by a prominent label a long time ago.


11. Airnaz: This is a talent to watch out for in the music industry. He is handsome and a ladies man. He is loved by many and this is shown with how a lot of people interact on his social media handles. Airnaz recently released “Of Because” that made waves and he is currently working on a brand new song slated to be released soon.

Fiona James

12. Fyonna: Agaa Mngusuun Fiona is an artist with a whole lot to offer the music industry. She has mastered her craft over the years and she is good at what she does. She is a mic goddess. Anybody that listens to her song does not hesitate to fall in love with her sounds. Fyonna is a sensational/ inspirational/RnB/Afrobeats singer and powerful songwriter with a good number of songs to her credit.
Two of her videos on her YouTube channel Fiona James: Oya now and Kwagh ngu eren mo ga
Great collaborations.
Former backup singer of the great Bongos Ikwe.
Facebook page: Fyonna
Snapchat: iamfyonna

Yung Z shocks his fans as he released a brand new thrilling song

13. Yung Z: Sough Aonondohemba Raymond known professionally as Yung Z is a very talented street hop artist from Benue state. He has proven times without number that he is able and capable to blow in the music industry. His recent Ep titled Zeeba confirmed Yung Z as an act to watch out for in the music industry. The body of work contains 6 solid hit songs one can not easily get tired of vibing to when it plays. If Yung Z is properly invested into, he will become a star Benue state will be proud of associating with. His song Ghetto featuring Mimidoo has been gaining massive airplay from different radio stations since release.


14. Rekizz: Atoba Terngu Kenneth known professionally as Rekizz is an artist that is highly talented. He is handsome, down to earth and a ladies man. Anytime he climbs on stage, his fans cheer him up and they do not even get enough of him. He featured on Slikish Ep titled Road to Lagos slated to be released soon.

Zazzi Ayali

15: Zazzi Ayali: The educated Mbagya is one artist that has proven times without number that he can do it even without any support of funds. He has released countless hit songs that trended on the streets and he has shut down different shows in his local Government, Kwande. If invested into, he will definitely do wonders.

Lil bliss

16. Lil Bliss: He is a fast rising artist with prospects. Any where he performs, he is loved by many. He has mastered his craft and he is a talent Benue needs to consider. Every song he jumps on becomes a hit. If he is presented with a proper record deal, he will definitely give hits upon hits.

Fast rising singer Star Rhalz threatened by a top fan

17. Ss Rhalz: Ss Rhalz with real name Akula Deborah Nguhemen is from Benue state. She is a very talented artist who is trending after the release of her hit song titled “Odogwu“ produced by Joe Waxy. Odogwu is a song for every mood. It will definitely make your playlists anytime.

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